Potion Practice

written by Gabriella

Potions can be easy, if you learn how to read the instructions properly. Hi my name is Gabriella and I used to suck a potions, but now I could teach better than our current professor. When I was in my first year I went down to the potions room, and ofcourse, I was late, not like leaving to go to work and missing 5 minutes because of traffic late, like I was LATE. I sat down next to some girls from my house and my professor gave me a deep glare, I tried really hard not to look back but I did. He questioned me and said for my grades sake, I should've came 10 minutes early then class started, I apologized and tried not to sob of embarrassment but I asked to go to the bathroom and let it all out. 10 minutes later I went back to class and my professor was angry, like super angry, like I thought he was gonna pull a shotgun on me angry. He yelled at me and then when class was over I was absent for the rest of the day, I was in the library studying for the next potions exam hoping to show my professor that its ok to have bad days. Then the day arrived, I was terrified. He handed me a 47 question paper. 47?1?! Thats crazy, I thought that there was no way that I was going to get a decent grade on it, I took my time trying to remember all of the books that I read the day before. I finished 2nd, and ofcourse he was me a confused look thinking I was asking a question. But I told him that I was done and he scoffed at me. The next day I was nervously waiting to get my exam results back, he handing it to my with slight hesitation but did anyway. 100%. I was so shocked but I knew I would pull it off. Believe in yourself!

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