Hogwarts Monthly Magazine October 2023 Halloween Special Issue

written by Hiya Debnath

The Hogwarts Monthly Magazine is back. The October 2023 issue is a Halloween special issue with spookily fabulous gossip, mystically petrifying celestial events and shockingly delicious Halloween treat recipes that you don't want to miss. Jump into the pages for a hair-raising Halloween ride and dive into challenging adventures.

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Hello Students, Staff and Spirits

Chapter 1

Hello Students, Staff and Spirits,


As we prepare for the bone-chilling winter while still enjoying the pleasant autumn leaves and neutral shades of color, we hope you had a spine-chilling Halloween, while we present the October 2023 Halloween Month Special Issue of the Hogwarts Monthly Magazine. The Hogwarts Monthly Magazine was founded by 2nd year Gryffindor witch at Hogwarts, Hiya Debnath, in lieu of facilitating the easy spread of information and news and entertainment at Hogwarts. This magazine is also for time-pass purposes and fun, so enjoy it.



This magazine boasts having expanded on its editorial and publication team to hauntingly great numbers this month.



A very Spooky, Scary and Happy Halloween to all readers from the Hogwarts Monthly Magazine team. We hope you met the un-nerving spirits at Hogwarts wherever you went, encountered Peeves and his stink pellets or relished the pumpkin light decorations in the Great Hall and, of course, we hope you enjoy reading this magazine. Have fun.




For your Halloween treat, the cost of this magazine is only twenty Knuts, exactly the cost of an odorous prank projectile, the stink pellet, or approximately six times cheaper than a pack of ten stink pellets. On a less scary note, for your Halloween trick, quite a lot of Hogwarts students have already bought multiple packs of stink pellets from Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop in Diagon Alley.



-Hiya Debnath, journalist, editor, compiler and publisher, Hogwarts Monthly Magazine.







The cover photo illustration of this magazine was expertly designed by one of the very editors of the magazine, Celeste, aka Celestia Carrow, 1st year Hufflepuff witch at Hogwarts.

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