Only on one condition

written by Kyra

A girl discovers someone she might know and wants to find out more. To do this she goes through many risky adventures. Then realizes this all happening because on one small toy and this toy could destroy the world.

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My favorite morning

Chapter 1

Bees were flying, birds were singing, everything was perfect. You couldn't spot a single thing wrong with the world. "Wake up, it's school!" called my mother, crying because of her burnt toast. I was so excited to go to school but let's not get too excited. The second I jumped down the ten stairs, I fell flat on my face.

My whole body was going to explode if I didn't get out of the car. There were only five minutes until we arrived at school but I couldn't hold it so I jumped out the car. I wasn't meant to do this but I accidentally broke the door. "Alice, come back right this second or your going to get and hour of extra homework!" my mum cried screaming her legs of. "Sorry mum, gotta go," I replied not even realising that I was going to crash into a couple of old people. Though, I made my way out of the dilemna and into my classroom.

"Huuuuh!" I screamed in my head, well I hope I said it in my head. The teacher (Mrs telltale) screamed back at me and told me that I had an after school detention after school for half an hour. Ooops, maybe I did say it out loud but in ain't matter.  You must be wondering why I was screaming.                           


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