Dark Hero’s Journey

written by Raymond Torres

Shortly after completing my hero’s Journey Due to the bloodline that I’m a descendant from. I was offer a one in a lifetime opportunity into taking a road down the dark hero’s journey. Kinda beats the whole wanting to explore the chamber of secrets. Discovering and reconnecting with past life, and being the key holder of my own timeline. So if you think you’re depressed, stressed, and have nothing else to live for, the dark heros journey will open your eyes, an close your heart. Love will get you killed, slowly, But theres a place for people like you and me. 🐍

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Chapter 1

chapter 1


" pick your poison like you would pick your friends. " —



In a world of magic and magical creatures. We come to a age where no matter how life is treating, we find ourselves wondering why we can't progress as a good person.


so a path will unlock to be tested on how much pain an love and anyone beside yourself can turn on you, only so you wont feel bad at the end, once you face head on. 

you think your childhood was shitty, i had to surpress my emotions an magic side til i was nearly 30, without my concern i had an obscurial living with me, making the lights switch when ever i get uncomfortable, shit even worse warping me in an out of timelines when ever i just feel overwhelmed .



one thing about magic, you learn it your way, and is your way thats gonna keep you alive. 

dark wizards get a nasty reputation,  just cause we different, and want to keep the blood purity pure in the family tree. 

so you can kinda see my anger with how i unlocked the dark heroe's Journey. And realize you need both for a healthy, strong mindset. 

before you start off in this journey, I just wanna say that friends and love leave em matter fact write them down an close them in this book. So you can gain some clarity when it does gets intense.


warning travel on this journey alone.

Its difficult as it is for your self, but if someone is in the same room  as you, you will drag them along.  From experience is difficult. Especially when you dont have it figured out, like me sometimes who just enter the dark journey for answers.


they say those who love the purest can manage to control all the darkness in the world. 

"the darkness cannot exist if the light never did."


write down what you want before this journey, and see how much less you'll want it.


prick your pinky, and visualize the blood soak into the paper picture. Breath inhale, smoke, if you have, and lets take a ride inside our own mind, you are the owner, you hold the key, you have a certain amount of time, to unravel, argue, battle with your mind, and let it all out, but when you find yourself at peace, can you really hear and listen, no not the voices that will get in the way of you truly mastering chaos magic.  

keep an eye out for the time.

remain calm you already know is yours. Is your darkness, rage on, but remember if you let the fighting keep you in that loop, you wont see the bigger picture


This is your second chance at happiness. 






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