Adler's Ancestry

written by Luna Adler

Gabriella Adler tried her best to appear as normal as the other first years. To no avail. Everyone could tell there was her. The magic that flew from her wand was different. Too colorful. Too strong. The hallways seemed to glare at her to leave. And (un)luckily for her, the source of her mystery just so happens to be tied to the only ones who've ever shown her love. AND the very thing keeping her world safe. And she's the only one who can save it.

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The Locket

Chapter 1

I knew I shouldn't be doing this. Students already glared at me in the hallways-or stared without quite knowing the reason why. I shouldn't draw any more attention to myself.

But I just can't help it. I've got to save them.

I'd paid off some sixth year Hufflepuffs to help me prepare some Invisibility Potion. They looked at me funny at first, but I'd say we've all gotten rather close now. You can always count on a Hufflepuff to help you out-even if they're skeptical of you. Eventually, I think they assumed I was just a first year wanting to sneak around the castle at night.

They're half right, I guess.

I had two batches of Invisibility Potion in my pocket; one to sneak back into Hogsmeade, and the other to not get caught breaking and entering. And stealing. And destroying. But repairing, eventually. If I could get the magic right.

I sat at the Three Broomsticks in the daylight hours reading up on extra charms I'd need to use for tonight. The Revealing Charm for starters. I hadn't learned it in Charms-or any-class yet, but I think I'd be stupid to go without it.

Once it was time for students to go back into the castle, I entered no problem. Had them tick my name off as "here." Then I snuck into the nearest corridor and drank my first vial. I really hope what we brewed works, or else I'm screwed.

Through the chaos of students coming in for the night Professor Aspen didn't notice me slinking back onto the path for Hogsmeade. I can only hope it's because my potion is working. I'll have to check a mirror before I get started.

Dusk was settling in as I walked past the Forbidden Forest. It was so strange to hear my footsteps but not see anything causing them. By the time I made it to the Roots' house I needed to take another swig of my potion.

The Roots were the only family since coming here that treated me with kindness. Whatever the other students can sense on me doesn't seem to show up for them. Alexis, Sinora, and Atlas go to school with me. All Hufflepuffs too, of course. Their mom works here, in Hogsmeade, and their dad works at some wizarding school across the way.

I'm running the risk of losing my only friends by doing this. But it's for their own good. I have to take care of that locket.

I took a swing of my potion. I had about an hour, now, to do this unseen. I hopped over their chicken fence and approached the back window.

It's an easy spell I had to do, but these were no easy stakes. I picked up my wand, and sunk enough willpower to hopefully only send a chicken high enough to cause a scene. I moved my wand into a quick swish and mumbled "A-lar-tay a-SEN-day-ray." Atlas' favorite chicken started to fly high-and oh, thank Merlin-Mrs. Root came outside in a frenzy. And left their door unlocked.

I caught the handle before she slammed it shut and slipped inside. She was too distracted to feel the rush of wind my robes caused. Now my entrance was covered. My exit, however, would be a different story. I still wasn't sure how I could manage that seamlessly.

I ran to the basement door and tried my best to open and run downstairs without my nerves making every sound loud enough for the whole town to hear. It was dark in here. I wasn't expecting that. I moved my wand in a single counter-clockwise loop and whispered "LOO-mos." I was so nervous that I focused too hard on the Wand Lighting Charm; overdoing the willpower and concentration to make my wand light bright red. I took a deep breath and tried it again. This time my wand was yellow and not bright enough to stun my vision. Better, but I can’t afford any more mistakes like this.

I stepped down from the stairs and started down the corridor. This was a big basement for an old family home. When I turned the corner, I saw it there. Glowing at me, already sensing my presence. Through the box I could see its glow. Taunting me for the last. damn. time.

Lucky for me, I'm not sure the Roots saw the locket as anything more than a family heirloom. Something to wear on special occasions-or, in Sinora's case, anytime she was nervous about a test or a Quidditch match. They only kept it in the basement as it was "family tradition," (for reasons only I knew why). I was happy to hear that only I can see the strong orange light radiating off of it. Probably some sick joke on my ancestors making us the only ones who can see it.

I pointed my wand at the box-making sure to make a backwards S motion and curving at the end instead of a forward S-and whispered "al-LOH-ha-MOR-ah."

The lock didn't budge.

I did it again, this time visualizing the lock opening for me with ease. The lock shook before it started to glow that same orange light as the locket.

"Great," I muttered. "Fine, I'll do what you want. But this better not start issues for me later. I just want you out of my life."

The locks' light pulsed as if it heard me. I groaned at that, and placed my finger tips on the lock.

"My name is Princess Adler. Long lost ancestor of the Thuviest tribe. Protector of our magic. I ask for your entrance."

The box's lid flew open, and the locket crashed into my hands. I slipped it into my robe pocket and slammed the box shut.

Now I'd just have to get out of here, praying I didn't wake up any other ancient evil magic on the way back to the castle.

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