Hiya's Book of Home-made Recipes

written by Hiya Debnath

If you are a foodie who loves to eat, and also delights in cooking, you will enjoy putting together these home-made recipes by Hiya, to relish or to treat your guests.

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Chapter 1

Hello Readers,

I am Hiya Debnath, a Gryffindor witch, and I started writing this book when I was in my second year at Hogwarts. I am a food-lover witch with a passion for cooking. While in my opinion, cooking is quite similar to potion-making, except that you almost always stir food or mix ingredients with a spatula, whisk or spoon, instead of your wand, I am not sure what using the Stirring Charm, Halato, could do to your food. But I can tell you that, the few times I tried it, it made no difference except perhaps cooking the food a little faster or mixing my ingredients more finely and evenly.

On that note, in this book, you will find quite many of my home-made recipes, especially the ones that I tested myself, after referring to or combining material from different sources, and I stand here to provide testimony that each of these recipes yields either a delicious droolworthy treat for a lip-smacking feast or an appetizing, flavorsome snack to binge upon.

Some of these recipes have been published in other places in the Hogwarts Library, by none other than me, but do not fret because I will point you exactly to those very places, through this book, so you can go check those recipes out and not miss any of the fun.

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