Colorful ( Golden Trio Era FanFic)

written by Alaina Potter

Every girl in the Wizarding Community grows up color-blind, until they find their soulmate. Isabelle (Bella) saw colors when she saw Harry Potter for the first time. He kept denying it, and refused to believe it was true. He kept stating he was happily in love with Cho, but when Harry breaks up with Cho after he realizes his feelings for Bella. Will Bella eventually give in, or will she shut him out, and continuing being his friend?

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Chapter 1

Quiet ten year old Isabelle (Bella) sat quietly at her desk, dreaming about life with color. Every boy in the school Bella had let her dark almond brown eyes fall onto never had any effect whatsoever. Some girls were finding soulmates at a very young age. With a family friend, neighbor, or just someone at school. If Bella hasn't found her soulmate yet, she was determined to find him at Hogwarts. In case you were wondering how this works. Well, every witch born with magical abilities, squibs included, will have some part of their early life color blind. Until that witch has found their soulmate, they forever will be color blind. The minute you see colors, you have to realize who you looked at. Sometimes it could go easy, and sometimes it gets confusing. But Bella was ready for any color in her life.

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