Seeking Meaning (A Marauders FanFiction)

written by Alaina Potter

Remus, Lily, James, Sirius, and Mikaela (Mack) grow up at Hogwarts, and go through thick and thin throughout their years of growing up. (Includes the first wizarding war, up until everyone died) They experience heartbreaks, friendships, and just the hardships of life together. Laugh and Cry with the Marauders, and their new pal, Mack. (Not including peter bc peter is just ew)

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Chapter 1

It was Mikalea's first year at Hogwarts, and let's just say, she was a little more than excited about it. She had heard great things from her parents about Hogwarts, and couldn't want to experience it herself. The only thing that worried her was meeting new friends. Of course, that's what would worry any eleven year old. Mikalea (perfered to be known as Mack), is nervous about leaving her best friend Audrey, without telling her what she is. To be honest, Mack doesn't want anyone to know who she is. It's bad enough having herself knowing, but the whole world? That was something she was afraid of. But nothing could go wrong at Hogwarts! Right? I mean, with the new Headmaster, things must be different then they were! They've got Dumbledore! The year was 1971, and Mack had just turned eleven a few months ago. To be exact, her brithday was July 31st. And most of the time, authors describe what the characters look like, and whether or not you are that type of person, i'm going to be explaining her looks! Mack was normal height for her age. About 5,3, which I would say is the average height. Mack has long dark brown hair, which she sometimes cuts off depending on her mood. She has emerald eyes that glow when the sun reflects upon her. Her skin is fair, and seemingly flawless. For personality wise, Mack is a bit of everything. Some would say she is a tom-boy, while others would describe her as a preppy girl. Mack could really be whatever, whenever. It really just depends on her mood and her attitude. Some days she could be sassy, and others she could be sweet. Though, I would reccomend not to annoy her on her off days. Mack is the type of person who lets go pretty easily. She doesn't hold many grudges. She is a rule-follower, but she also believes rules can be broken if they are set for the wrong reasons. Mack always stands up for what she believes in, whether if it hurts somebody's feelings, or if they disagree, she will prove her point, and get on with her day. You probably don't want to hear more about her personality. How about her family? Mack is from a pure-blood family. Mikaela Vane, was the third child born, to parents Bob and Marie Vane. She has two older brothers, Micheal (Mike) and Benjamin (Ben). Mike and Ben aren't the worst, but they aren't great either. They can sometimes be mean, and act like boys, but other times they are protective and take care of Mack. Mike and Ben are twins, in their third year of Hogwarts, and they are thirteen. Mike was more of the tempered one, and didn't like being seen with Mack, because he thought it made him look weak that he hung out with his sister. Ben would love to hang out with Mack, but he is afraid Mike wouldn't like him anymore, so Ben always stuck with Mike. Mike was the older one, if you couldn't tell. That's what sucked about being twins, there is always someone older who steals the show. Ben is more of a quiet person, and is quite the opposite of Mike. Even though she still has a temper, it's not usually put out against Mack.  Mack had always wished she had a twin. Or at least a friends that knew who they were. Someone who she could share anything with. Someone that would understand. But of course she couldn't talk to her brothers, if that's what you're thinking. No! They wouldn't understand. But today, Mack was desperate to find someone who would. Mack had all of these thoughts until her family arrived at the Train Station. It was finally happening. She would soon meet that one person who understood. And that one person would know, and feel exactly how she felt. But maybe that day wasn't today. But she felt herself destined to finding that out. She exited to car, and packed her trolley. "Mummy?" Mack asked nervously. "yes, dear?" The mother answered, turning her head to Mack. "I'll be alrght?" Mack asked. "Micheal and Benny will be there with you the whole time," Mum answered. "Will I?" Mack asked. Mum breathed in the fresh air, gasping a little under her breath. "Of course," She reassured her, but she didn't sound so sure herself. Dad came and wrapped his arm around Mack, squeezing her tight. "Write to us, will you, Sport?" Dad asked. "Sure, Dad," Mack answered. Mack really couldn't tell what they were so fussed up about. "Just find some friends, and stay close to them," Mum said. Mack nodded, not knowing what else to do. Mike and Ben finished packing their trolleys, and began steering them towards the platform wall. "Micheal! Benjamin!" Mum cried to them. They came back, looking irritated. "Lucas is waiting!" Mike complained. "Jimmy told me to meet him in compartment twelve!" Ben cried. "Don't worry, I'm sure Jimmy and Lucas can wait," Dad said. Mack laid her head against her mum's side. "You'll watch Mack?" Mum asked. "Yup," said Mike and Ben quickly, and they turned to leave, when Mum grabbed hold of them. "You better promise me, because if she gets hurt," Mum started, when Dad cut in. "If any of you get hurt," Dad said. "We're pulling you," Mum said. "What? Why?" Mike asked. "It's not safe," Mum blurted out. Mack looked confused. She went and stood by Mike and Ben. "I'll be fine, Mum," Mack said to her. She didn't have the slightest idea what was happening, and sensed Mike and Ben giving each other side glances, and detected they must know what's happening. Mack decided not to worry about it, and she shook it off. Mike and Ben showed Mack where they had to run to get to the platform. They let Mack go first, and they followed. Lastly, their parents came afterwards. When they entered, it seemed like an alternate reality. There was a steamtrain, and it was ready to roll, so Mack started hurrying. Mike and Ben followed after her. "BE CAREFUL!" Mum yelled. "OKAY!" Mack yelled back, and soon all of them were on the train, as it slowling started zooming away. "Go find an empty compartment," Mike ordered. "Why can't I go with you?" Mack asked. Ben looked at Mike. "Third years only," Ben answered softly. Mack rolled her eyes, and started walking to the back of the train. She finally found one with no one occupied, and she went to open the door, when she dumped into someone. "Ouch!" A voice stuttered. Mack looked up. She saw a brunnette boy, and by the look of him, he was about her age. Eleven or twelve. He had almond eyes, and messy hair. He was a bit taller than Mack, but not much. Mack smiled at him. He smiled back. "Sorry," He said to her. "Oh no! Pardon me! I was just trying to find a compartment that was free," Mack said. "Same here," The boy answered. "Do you want to sit together?" Mack asked. "Sure," The boy answered. Mack continued to open the door, and the boy walked in, and took a seat. She followed, and sat opposite him. "I'm Mikaela," Mack told him. "But you can call me Mack," She added. She didn't want him calling her Mikaela, that's for sure.  "I'm Remus," The boy said. Mack smiled at him. She examined his face for awhile, because it was covered in scars, and tons of marks, but the one that caught her eye was a scar across the right corner of his right eye, to the left corner of his lip. "That's a cool scar," Mack said to the boy named Remus. Remus gasped lightly, and touched his face. "Grizzlies," He muttered. "That's cool!" Mack said, with a grin. Remus grinned at her. "You think so?" He asked. Mack nodded. Mack desperatly wanted to know more about Remus, so she started asking away. "What year are you in?" Mack asked. "First, how about you?" Remus answered bravely. "Same," Mack replied. "How old are you?" Mack asked. "Eleven," Remus answered. Mack nodded to imply she was too. After a while of conversation, someone knocked at the compartent door. There were two boys, that looked close to being brothers, but something about them just made Mack feel like they weren't. "Sorry. Everywhere else it taken," The boy with the glasses said apologetically. "It's okay. You're good," Mack said, turning to Remus to make sure he was okay with it. When he nodded, Mack moved over to make room for them. The other boy shut the compartment door, and sat by Remus. The boy who talked to Mack sat beside her. "I'm James," The boy in the glasses said. "I'm Sirius," The other boy said. "I'm Mikaela, but you can call me Mack," Mack said. "Mikaela," James repeated, smiling at her. Mack smiled back. "I'm Remus," Remus said. "Nice to meet you," Sirius said. "You too," Remus said. They chatted the entire ride, until they arrived. Then the anticipation began. What if she was sorted into Slytherin? Wouldn't everyone hate her? Think so badly of her? There are billions and billions of thoughts running throughout Mack's thoughts, and it almost drowned her. It was James who awoke her out of her mindless hallucination. "Mack? You alright?" He asked. "Yeah," Mack nodded. James nodded once, and stood up to exit. "We're here," Remus told her. Mack took a deep breath. As she walked out, one red-head girl walked up to her. "hello!" She said joyfully. "Hi!" Mack said to her. "I'm Lily. Lily Evans," The girl said. "I'm Mikaela. Mikaela Vane," Mack said to her. "Oh joy! It's my first year, and I just couldn't help but walking up to you! Do you think we could be friends?" Lily asked her. "I don't see why not!" Mack answered with a smile. And then she caught up with Remus, Sirius, and James, and headed to the castle, completely scared to death.


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