A Complete Guide to Chocolate Frogs

A simple book for those young at age and at heart. The Magical Chocolate Frogs, The Cards Inside them, and a Brief History of the Witch or Wizard on the cards.

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The Basics

Chapter 1

While the date of creation for the magical Chocolate frogs is known, or even who came up with the original idea, it is known that these frogs have become quite an attraction for many witches and wizards. The finest of these deliciously sweet frogs were made of about 70 per cent premium croakoa, although the exact number varies. It is widely assumed, too, that the Croakoa is what allows these frogs to behave in their magical, and realistic, frog-like state. They come in many different types of chocolate, too. There are regular Chocolate, Dark, White, Ruby, Salted, and more. Those flavours are just a few of many, as there are chocolates for nearly every sweet flavour.

These frogs also come with a special card that represents a Witch, Wizard, Creature, or even an extremely special artefact. These cards are a sort of trading card. The Witches and Wizards that are young, or young at heart, have collected, likely ever since the idea of the cards was first conceived. These cards depict People, Places, Creatures, and Objects. Each card contains information about what they depict, such as pictures, dates, achievements, descriptions, and more. Each of these cards also has a rarity. Bronze was Common, Silver was Uncommon, Gold was Rare and Crystal cards were legendary, being extremely difficult to obtain.

It is unknown the true total number of cards, as new ones are being added daily, but there are many known cards. There are even some cards that have a card in multiple rarity ratings. I'll list every card that has been found so far and even some insight into the nature of each card (And my own personal collection).

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