A History Of Magic

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Major Religions And Magic: Islam

Chapter 16

Followers of Islam see the practice of magic as either destructive or deceptive. As a result, their most common reaction to witches and wizards is, first, a determined pretense that they do not exist, and second, and equally determined avoidance, both of true members of the wizarding community and Muggle practitioners of the slight-of-hand that Muggles, amusingly, refer to as “magic,” but which is actually entertainment for other unobservant Muggles. They are particularly wary of Divination in any of its forms, the Imperius curse (with good reason, as it is Unforgiveable even amongst wizardkind) and the practice of Occlumancy. It is a peculiarity of this group that they disavow even the practice of Healing, when practiced in anything other than the more barbaric Muggle manner.

 If a witch or wizard unwisely makes themselves known within the community of those who practice Islam, they are likely to find themselves in the midst of a fierce debate about the deceptiveness or destructiveness of their magic, with the unfortunate Muggles attempting to disprove the evidence before them. Alternatively, the Muggles may attempt to detain the witch or wizard for acts against God or nature, and issue appropriate punishments. They are often frustrated in this, of course, as the detained witch or wizard typically Disapparates away before they come to any harm.

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