This Is A Quiz On What Harry Potter House You'Re In

written by Luke Johnson

This quiz shows what Hogwarts house you're in.

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The Quiz

Chapter 1


You're waiting in line at target when a man drops his wallet. You...

a) Return it to him. 

b) Look at his ID, then return it to him to make sure he didn't steal anything.

c) Slip a five dollar bill into your coat packet, then return the wallet. 

d) Steal the entire wallet. 


Your boss yells at you for being late after you spill coffee on your hand, rip your new work pants and misplace your overdue bill. You...

a) Endure his yelling. 

b) Endure his yelling then calmly explain why you were late. 

c) Endure his yelling, then later tell your coworker. 

 d) Yell right back at him. 

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