A Survey Of Standard Spells, Vol I

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Wingardium Leviosa

Chapter 6

The Hover Charm, more commonly known by its incantation Wingardium Leviosa, is one of the fundamental charms for witches and wizards beginning their magical education. It has been found to be an alteration of the Levitation spell, combining the effects of Levioso and Locomotor charms.

 The Levitation spell is considered one of the earliest developed spells and can be found in the preserved magical records of ancient England. The Hover Charm was developed some time later in response to the limitations of the Levioso charm. The spell was created to maximize the convenience of the two existing spells by allowing the caster to both levitate the target object and move it through the air. These were effects that, prior to the development of Wingardium Leviosa, would have required the use of a series of related spells. While originally created as an everyday spell of convenience for a wizard or witch’s arsenal, the effects have proved useful in some defensive situations as well.

 In order for the spell to be effective, the caster must be able to pronounce the incantation properly and perform the appropriate wand movement. The incantation broken down into simple syllables is “wing-GAR-dee-um lev-ee-OH-sa.”The difficulty of the charm itself is low; an appropriate early lesson for first year students, the pronunciation of Wingardium Leviosa is often difficult on the first try. Practicing the incantation until the pronunciation is perfected is encouraged. If the pronunciation is incorrect when the spell is preformed, it could result in no effects or negative effects on the target object depending on the degree of error. Instances of the target object being set aflame have been recorded.

 The wand movement necessary to perform the spell is described simply as the “swish and flick.” The motions are delegated almost exclusively to the wrist of the caster. The swish portion of the wand movement involves the controlled twist of the wrist, causing the wand to move in a U-shaped arcing motion. The flick portion involves the short downward motion of the wrist. The transition between the two portions of the pattern must be smooth and not disjointed. Making too wide a flourish of the wand or a stabbing motion rather than the natural flick can render the spell ineffective.

 When performed correctly, the spell allows the caster to levitate an object much higher than the original Levitation spell, and also direct the object from one place to another. Unlike some other basics spells, which produce a stream of colored light toward and around the target object, the Hover Charm produces no visible effects besides the physical levitation. To move the object, the caster must guide the object with the movement of the wand. In this process, concentration on the target is crucial. If concentration is dropped, the spell will fail and the object will be released from its current location. Careful ease of motion can avoid any dropping of objects or damage that might result from a fall.

 Variations and related spells include, of course, the Levitation spell, Levioso,which allows the caster to levitate an object when in contact with it, and the Locomotor spell, which enchants an object to move to a destination of the caster’s desire. Another spell that has a related effect is the Levicorpus jinx which levitates the targeted person and dangles him or her upside-down in the air. The spell Alarte Ascendare is potentially a variation on the Hover Charm that launches the target of the spell into the air. There are multiple variations of this spell that produce similar effects that may be direct alterations of the spell while others may have been developed independently. As with all spells, variations should be attempted with caution and only at the level of skill necessary for each individual spell.

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