A Survey Of Standard Spells, Vol I

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Incendio/Lacarnum Inflamare

Chapter 4

Where would the world be without fire? Ever since the dawn of time fire has been a necessity for both wizards and Muggles alike; lighting our way, creating warmth, and cooking food. Perhaps one can even say that the discovery of fire can be considered as a cornerstone in the development of human progress, both magical and mundane. The first recorded use of this spell goes back as early as 53 B.C. as shown in a cave painting which seems to depict an early unnamed wizard creating flames from the tip of his wand. From there, countless other mentions of the many uses of the fire-making spell across various cultures have been noticed, from the Eastern sorcerers lighting fireworks using a small, focused fire to records of various goblin armies being chased away by use of a sudden large wave of brilliant fire produced by the Magical Infantry.

 Though introduced as a rather basic spell, the fire-making spell is not one to be overlooked. Fire in itself has a rather wild nature and has been the subject of study and practice in its proper handling. Depending on the caster’s intent, it can be used to create flames of varying degrees and sizes thus requiring one’s absolute focus when attempting this spell. Lack of focus or using this spell in a moment of emotional outburst may lead to flames that can be far too much for the caster to control. At the most, it may lead to sudden explosions within the immediate area of the caster and his intended target.[1]

 The fire-making spell can be activated using two incantations. One can prefer a simple Incendio (in-SEN-dee-oh), which is used to create flames that can be directed and moved about, or the much more pronounced LacarnumInflamare (lah-CAR-noom in-FLA-mah-ray), which creates more focused flames that have a close target, such as those to light a candle or create a bonfire. The recommended wand movement varies between the two. Both spells begin with a slow upward arc but end differently. Incendio requires a sharp jab in the direction of your intended target while LacarnumInflamare calls for a simple act of focusing your wand tip in the direction you wish to cast your flame. Keep in mind that one must remain focused when performing this charm. Never let your mind wander during the incantation and remember to keep an idea of how intense you want your flame to be.

 Though it may seem to be a spell that requires much from the young witch or wizard, there is much to be gained from the mastery of this particular charm. A common use is to combine a quick Incendio with the Flame Freezing charm in order to create a portable light which can be handled with one’s hands. Advanced wizards and witches may choose to create variations on the spell. One of the more popular variations is the creation of bluebell flames, a potent fire which acts as normal flames do, yet has no heat and isn’t as wild as normal flame.

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