The Care Of Magical Creatures Companion Guide

Learn more about the creatures of our magical world with this Care of Magical Creatures companion text. Creatures not covered during your years of instruction will be discussed in this text for your reading pleasure. This text was written by Professor Elizabeth Anne and former professor Aurelia Cattercorn. All images were found using Google Images and belong to their owners.

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Chapter 1


The book you are holding in your hands was crafted by two magizoologists who are so dedicated in their professions that they wanted to give a little more. Professor Elizabeth Anne and I wished to bring something to students that would not only assist them in their scholarly studies, but also benefit them as they advance out of school and into their careers. No matter what you choose to do with your life, I believe this text can benefit you, as magical creatures are a big part of wizarding culture.


When Professor Anne approached me and told me that she wanted to collaborate with me on a new textbook for Care of Magical Creatures, I was certainly elated. A book that covers creatures not in the course curriculum is exactly what students need. However, the beginning of the new term was fast approaching, so I knew that it would be arduous. We were both up for the challenge.


By reading this book, you are surely to gain knowledge regarding magical creatures you may not have heard of. For those aspiring to be magizoologists, this literature will only benefit you in your career. Even if you have other things in mind for your future, the material that lies within these pages can only enrich you and make you a better learned witch or wizard.


During the writing process, I liked to draw my inspiration from Newt Scamander and his Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The world-renowned magizoologist was a legend, and without his work, we would not only be lost and without information, but we would also have no motive to learn more.


There are no rules to enjoying this literature. If you prefer to read it cover to cover, or you wish to read according to creatures which pique your interest, you may do so. This book was primarily intended to act as a guide to those who wish to learn about creatures which are not covered in the curriculum of Care of Magical Creatures. It is there for your pleasure.


I strive to make this literature not only an esteemed textbook for universal creature studies but a well-read guide that fits perfectly on your shelf. This project could not be completed without the help and initiative of Elizabeth Anne, my colleague and very dear friend. We hope you find guidance and knowledge from this textbook.


Happy Learning,
Aurelia Cattercorn

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