Parseltongue: A Guide

written by [No Name]

The youngest of an ancient and powerful bloodline rumored to be descended from Slytherin himself, Alessandra Slytherie records her findings on her journey to revive the dying language of her ancestors. *This is an unfinished work which is being constantly updated with new information. Last update: 4/18/14

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The History Of Parseltongue

Chapter 2

Because the language of Parseltongue is hereditary and so
often only is passed amongst families, it is difficult to trace a “creator” of
the language. However, my studies have identified an alchemist in the 15th
century known as Phillipus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim,
otherwise known as Parcelus, as the official discoverer of Parseltongue1—the
language cannot be credited with a “creator” as it is also the language of the
snakes, and obviously since such creatures have no records of history as we do,
its exact origins are untraceable.

Though Parseltongue’s origins are traced with great
difficulty, those who possess its gifts often have risen to great renown in
wizard society. In addition to Parcelus, other great wizards such as Salazar
Slytherin, Tom Riddle (also known as Lord Voldemort), and Harry Potter have
been known to speak this mystic language. Lesser-known people, such as the
Gaunt family, have even spoken this language as their primary tongue.

Ancestors of my own family, the Slytherie line, have been
recorded as being gifted with Parseltongue, most notably my great-grandmother
on my father’s side. This lineage is traceable all the way back to those
relatives we have found to be close to Salazar Slytherin himself, possibly
either cousins or partial brothers. It is possible that I will have an easier
time learning the language due to the tendency in my blood towards Dark
wizardry as well as Parseltongue; only time shall tell.

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