Parseltongue: A Guide

written by [No Name]

The youngest of an ancient and powerful bloodline rumored to be descended from Slytherin himself, Alessandra Slytherie records her findings on her journey to revive the dying language of her ancestors. *This is an unfinished work which is being constantly updated with new information. Last update: 4/18/14

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Author'S Note

Chapter 1

Dear Reader,

The following account is my attempt to gather all my notes
and discoveries into one place as I attempt to learn the language of my
ancestors: Parseltongue. Though few have ever learned Parseltongue without
having inherited it genetically, I hope that this guide will allow others who
wish to learn the language like me to develop the necessary skills. 

In my studies so far, Parseltongue is a beautiful and
complex language that denotes great power and strength in the speaker. Speaking
a language such as this one taps into a deep magic few people ever attempt to
access, which is why I believe Parseltongue is attributed mostly as a Dark
trait. Many Dark wizards attempt to tap into areas of magic that otherwise go
unexplored for fear of harm or corruption.

With my family’s background of both good and Dark Magic
intermingling in me, I feel that I need to tap into this rich language to
discover who I am as a Slytherie. If you dare, make the journey alongside me,
and together we will revive the language of the snakes.

Alessandra Slytherie

(Addition: Please note that this is an in progress work which is constantly being updated and expanded; therefore, keep checking back for new chapters and vocabulary!)

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