The Disappearance

written by Luke Johnson

This is a story of me. Sort of. I'm going to continue writing a lot, so almost everyday a new chapter will be out!!!

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The Disappearance

Chapter 1

I quicken my pace. Pulling my robes closer around myself, I tighten my grip upon the small metal box pressed to my chest. 

A deafening crash rings out from behind me. I wheel around, gazing down the now silent corridor. I pull out my wand. Lumos! A twinkling light shines in front of me. I slowly retrace my steps to the area of the noise. A man lies there. I throw the light from my wand over him. His pale, sunken face is frozen in fear. It looks like he was hit by a stunning spell. I pull down his sleeve to check his pulse. My heart skips a beat. The dark mark is brandished upon the wrinkled forearm of the truly familiar man. I straighten up. The metal box lies at his feet. All I care about is my father being brandished with the purest connection to Voldomort you can get. 

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