Magical Drafts And Potions

Arsenius Jigger was a notable potioneer, former Ministry of Magic employee, and professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Following his retirement, he traveled the world studying various forms of defensive magic and potions in the hopes of giving young people a solid foundation in magical knowledge upon their entrance into Hogwarts. The following represents the third printing since Jigger’s original publication of Magical Drafts and Potions in 1856. Although the content remains the same, the editor has left footnotes to denote changes in legislation, theory, and other relevant content.

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Chapter 3

It would not do, I think, to begin this book without acknowledging those that brought me to this publication today. It was through the intentional and unintentional actions of many that I was able to piece together this work, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity. I promise to keep these acknowledgments brief:

Firstly, to Headmaster Everard, who provided wisdom during my days as a schoolboy, and then offered crucial guidance as I stepped into my role as professor. Having you as a grounding force made the return to the school much easier. Watch out for those falling Sickles, however!

Next to my family. Father, Mother, Hydra, and Nitrogius, thank you for never pushing me to take on the “family business.” You knew that I would find my way here eventually, though my love for defensive magic persists. Hydra, thank you to you, in particular, for being an advocate on my behalf throughout my school days. It is not always easy to be the youngest son of a Jigger!

To my cousin, Copper, thank you for refusing to take my notes. You do, indeed, have a business to run, and while your profession is as potioneer and proprietor, mine is the hand of the author in the family. I promise to do you proud within these pages.

Finally, thank you to my supervisors and colleagues at the Ministry for patiently putting up with my dogged and oft-obsessive ramblings and sojourns in the name of research. A particular show of gratitude is owed to Mildred Ecreip who assisted my note-taking while we were traveling in the Balkans.

Professor Batyaeva’s Editor's Note:

I would just like to add a sincere thank you to Rani Flame, former Head Girl for Potions, for the fantastic cover for this textbook, as well as putting up with (and often trying to focus) my frequent scatterbrained rambling.

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