Magical Drafts And Potions

Arsenius Jigger was a notable potioneer, former Ministry of Magic employee, and professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Following his retirement, he traveled the world studying various forms of defensive magic and potions in the hopes of giving young people a solid foundation in magical knowledge upon their entrance into Hogwarts. The following represents the third printing since Jigger’s original publication of Magical Drafts and Potions in 1856. Although the content remains the same, the editor has left footnotes to denote changes in legislation, theory, and other relevant content.

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Conclusion And Afterword

Chapter 16
As a closing note, this book should not be seen as the only book necessary for a thorough knowledge and understanding of potions and the art of brewing. It should instead be seen as a basic introduction for young witches and wizards who seek to learn the foundations of the craft within Great Britain and throughout Europe. The author has also yielded a brief glimpse at other traditions of potions, many of which are no longer in existence or are disappearing relatively rapidly. Although many of these brewing styles and habits are not necessary for a witch or wizard planning on living wholly in Europe, the author thinks it important to understand whence current knowledge came, and what impacted its growth.

In continuing a quest for knowledge of potions and ingredients, the author recommends books by noted experts Libatius Borage, Phyllida Spore, Zygmunt Budge, Tallara Elsey, Ahmed al-Bihayawi, and Kim Hea-Jung.

Finally, the author wishes readers happy brewing, and to mind your stirring technique!
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