Peregrin Tugwood's Guide To Looking Great (and Feeling Fine)

Peregrin Tugwood was the great nephew of Sacharissa Tugwood, who pioneered cosmetic and beautifying potions in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. While following his great aunt's approach to beauty, Peregrin was known to take a more holistic approach to the concept, also concentrating on muscle definition, stress-free demeanor, quick wit, and memory. Tugwood's Guide to Looking Great! (And Feeling Fine) was first published in 1965, but quickly had multiple re-printings. It appears here in its most recent publication from 1993, and includes any corrections or additions to the original recipes.

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Roddenham Reddening Solution

Chapter 9
Roddenham Reddening Solution

Estimated Brewing Time:
93 minutes

Total Brewing Time:
Varied (See Maturation Notes)

One and a half (1.5L) of water
Thirty (30) ml lemon juice2
Four (4) pokeweed berries1
Four (4) pomegranate seeds2
Two (2) dried basil leaves1
Four (4) baneberries1
Three (3) fairy wings2
Thirty (30) g dried nettles1
Five (5) dried rose petals3


Part One:

1. Bring one liter of water to 373 Kelvin (100°C/212°F).
2. Add 30ml of lemon juice to the cauldron.
3. Add four pokeweed berries and four pomegranate seeds to the mortar and crush it to a paste.
4. Add the paste to the cauldron and stir twice counterclockwise.
5. Increase the heat to 393 Kelvin (120°C/248°F) for 45 seconds, then reduce the heat to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).
6. Leave the potion to brew for 53 minutes.

Pale orange; light blue; citrus

Part Two:

7. Take two dried basil leaves and crumble them in your hands into the cauldron.
8. Add two baneberries to the cauldron.
9. Stir twice clockwise.
10. Add three fairy wings and 30g dried nettles to your mortar and crush it to an even powder.
11. Add half the contents of the mortar to the cauldron. Reserve the other half.
12. Increase the heat to 393 Kelvin (120°C/248°F) for 90 seconds. Stir twice counter-clockwise.
13. Reduce the heat to 373 Kelvin (100°C/212°F).
14. Add two baneberries to the cauldron.
15. Add 500ml of water to the cauldron.
16. While the water is heating, add five dried rose petals to the mortar with fairy wings and dried nettles and crush it into an even powdered mixture.
17. Add the contents of the mortar to the cauldron.
18. Increase the heat to 393 Kelvin (120°C/248°F) for four minutes and reduce the heat to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).
19. Let the potion finish brewing for 23 minutes.

Dark red-purple; fuchsia; blackberry

Maturation Notes:

For the first 48 hours (and up to 96 hours), the potion should be left in a room temperature environment with moderate light exposure. This allows it to mellow and become less volatile in nature. The longer the finished potion is left to mature, the milder the potion becomes.

To Store:

The potion should be stored in a warm environment no cooler than 25°C (77°F). The longer the potion is stored in this warmer environment, the stronger it gets in its effects. The potion should never be used following two months of storage, however, as it can cause major damage to hair.

To Use:

Combine 45 ml of the finished potion with between 15 ml and 30 ml of water, depending on hair length. Using a slim brush, one should brush the potion onto the hair, particularly making sure to cover the roots in full. After the potion has been applied topically to the hair, it should be allowed to set for five to seven minutes (leaving it on no more than eight minutes). After this point, it can be washed, dried, and styled as normal.


The Roddenham Reddening Solution is a relatively harmless potion that can be applied to the hair or eyes with little worry. Allergic side effects rarely occur with the final product, but when they do, they will usually cause mild to moderate rash, itching, and irritation. Ingesting the Roddenham Reddening Solution will cause upset stomach and other mild but unpleasant effects.

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