Peregrin Tugwood's Guide To Looking Great (and Feeling Fine)

Peregrin Tugwood was the great nephew of Sacharissa Tugwood, who pioneered cosmetic and beautifying potions in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. While following his great aunt's approach to beauty, Peregrin was known to take a more holistic approach to the concept, also concentrating on muscle definition, stress-free demeanor, quick wit, and memory. Tugwood's Guide to Looking Great! (And Feeling Fine) was first published in 1965, but quickly had multiple re-printings. It appears here in its most recent publication from 1993, and includes any corrections or additions to the original recipes.

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Beautification Potion

Chapter 1
Beautification Potion

Estimated Brewing Time:
131 minutes

One and a half (1.5) liters water
Four (4) fairy wings1
3 butterfly wings2
Two (2) strands of unicorn tail hair2
Forty-five (45) ml lemon juice2
Three (3) rose petals1
Three (3) grapes from the crimson glory vine (Vitis coignetiae)1
Two to four (2 - 4) mint leaves3*
Fifteen (15) ml honey3

Optional: Fifteen (15) ml Flobberworm mucus
* Can vary based on taste preference


Part One:

  1. Add one liter of water to your cauldron, and bring the heat to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).
  2. Add two fairy wings and three butterfly wings to your mortar and crush it to an even consistency with your pestle.
  3. Add three tablespoons of the mixture to the cauldron.
  4. Add two unicorn tail hairs to the cauldron.
  5. Bring the heat up to 383 Kelvin (120°C/248°F) for 15 seconds, and then reduce heat again to 393 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).
  6. Stir twice counterclockwise with your wand.
  7. Add 15 ml lemon juice to the cauldron.
  8. Allow the potion to brew in your pewter cauldron for 35 minutes (this would be 31 minutes ina brass cauldron and 28 minutes in a copper cauldron).

Putrid green; yellow steam; moldy bread

Part Two:

  1. Add three rose petals to the cauldron.
  2. Remove the cauldron from the heat source entirely.
  3. Add three grapes to the cauldron.

    Caution: If the cauldron is not removed from this phase of the brewing, it will cause the fumes of the potion to have hallucinatory properties. If the brewer manages to avoid these fumes, whatever potion is created will be a powerful narcotic, and can be dangerous in large doses.
  4. Add the cauldron back to a heat source of 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).
  5. Stir once clockwise with your wand.
  6. Add 30 ml lemon juice to the cauldron.
  7. Allow the potion to brew in your pewter cauldron for 23 minutes (this would be 20 minutes in a brass cauldron and 18 minutes in a copper cauldron).

Pale pink; yellow sparks; bubblegum

Part Three:

  1. Add 500 ml water to the cauldron.
  2. Add two to four mint leaves to the cauldron.
  3. Add two whole fairy wings to the cauldron.
  4. Let the potion brew for five minutes.

    Note: The smell of the potion will be rather potent at this point. If inhaled, it will smell strongly of pine cones.
  5. Add 15 ml honey to the cauldron.
  6. Stir thrice clockwise with your wand.
  7. Allow the potion to brew in your pewter cauldron for 53 minutes (this would be 48 minutes in a brass cauldron and 43 minutes in a copper cauldron).

It is not too common to add Flobberworm mucus to this potion but if you would like to do so for a slightly thicker texture, remove the potion from the heat altogether at this point in the brewing process. Allow it to cool before adding 15 ml of the mucus to the mixture, stirring it to an even consistency with your wand.

Pale blue with yellow streaks; grey; almonds
To Store:

This potion should be stored in room temperature to slightly warmer climates. Light exposure does not impact it tremendously, although it should not be stored for long periods in direct sunlight. It can be kept for up to three years before the effects begin to diminish.
To Use:

This potion is to be consumed orally. 30-45 ml should be taken either plain or in tea or another (preferably warm) beverage.

Within two days of use, the consumer should notice smoother skin, with diminishing of visible blemishes and any dryness or shininess. Any visible skin breakouts should begin to diminish as well. They potion may marginally speed an individual’s metabolism, though this does not occur in all cases. It will also increase the attraction pheromones exhibited by a person, so this may warrant unwanted attraction from those around the witch or wizard.

Those who have allergies to any of the ingredients of this recipe should consult an aesthetic potioneer before beginning a regimen of the potions. However, there have been very few side effects associated with this potion. A few have reported hot flashes or lightheadedness. While there is no evidence that these side effects causing long term harm, but if they become uncomfortable or detrimental, please discontinue use and consult with a potioneer or healer.

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