Introduction when writing an essay

written by MaksRomanov

The task of the introduction is to capture the reader's attention: to ask an exciting question, to confront him with a paradox, a contradiction. The introduction should intrigue the reader so that he could not resist reading the rest of the text. Consider an example of an introduction for an essay on the topic “My professional path”: “I am a hereditary lawyer with more than 10 years of experience.

Advocacy is my calling: I have devoted my whole life to improving my professional writing skills.” This is a trivial and flat introduction, which is built on clichés like “my vocation”, “hereditary lawyer”. I did not write my first work myself, but used paid paper writing, which later influenced my future wikis. In addition, it is dry - it has bare facts and general words, but there is no interesting story and "voluminous" hero.

Here is an example of a more interesting introduction: “When I was celebrating a decade since I started my career in the bar a week ago, one of my classmates remembered that after law school I wanted to be anything but a lawyer. I was surprised to realize that it was true - my parents sent me to law school to continue the family business, which did not interest me at all. I would like to see the face of that twenty-year-old guy, if he knew that all his further professional searches, full of ups and downs, would lead him exactly where he started from - to the bar.” This introduction could have been written by the same person, but it is fundamentally different from the first example: it has a story and intrigue: the secret of the hero's professional transformation is hidden from us. The introduction should look like a puzzle, in which there is not enough detail or something does not fit, and this puzzle can be “assembled” only if you read the text to the end.

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