Journey for the snake

written by Jackson Abbot

Salazar Slytherin goes on a mission to find the biggest and meanest Basilisk he possibly can. Don't miss out as he finds adventure, conflict, drama, and love in this new book by the guy who made ¨Horcruxes and how to make them.¨ This book was 3 months earlier than expected. Enjoy! -Jackson Abbot

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The problem

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Problem

Salazar Slytherin had a problem.

A huge one you may say. Salazar was a rich man. But Salazar was too much of a rich man. He also had some stuff to hide. A lot of stuff. But hiding stuff was hard to do with reporters and friends up your butt all the time.

He was unhappy. He was single. Sure, he could be considered evil, but he was also an extremely charming man. He never understood it.

He would ask his friends but they always had different answers.

Helga suggested being nicer.

Godric always told him to be nobler.

Rowena didn't have an answer, as she just was a smart person and didn't answer if she didn't have a straight answer...

and she didn't have a correct or straight answer. She did normally agree with Helga though.

But Salazar didn't like those answers. He was himself. He was the Salazar Slytherin. If a woman didn't like him he didn't care. Besides, who needs a woman anyway? All he needed was that chamber finished.

At least that's what he tells himself.

He would ask for help with the chamber, but if he did it would be a catastrophe. They would be like,

¨You have been keeping this from us for this long? You never even hinted to us you were building it! We could die!¨

Not really going to be able to explain that. They would never let him put the Basilisk in there. That's why he would do it all in secret. But how? Apparation? Broomsticks? Thesterals?

Salazar knew he could be in a lot of trouble and in a lot of controversy if he went through with this, but sometimes Godric was right.

You got to run to take a giant leap.



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