Attack of a Fictional Twilight Harlequin Plant

written by Celeste Lovemare

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Attack of a Fictional Twilight Harlequin Plant.

Chapter 1

'And as the evil wizard aimed his wand at the young witches, he prepared to kill the girls. He opened his mouth to yell the spell.

 The girls braced themselves for the hit.

"Avada Kedarva!"

I was pulled out of my reading by a hand slamming my book shut. I yelled, my finger got jammed. Again.

"Come on Celeste! We're going to be late!" A familiar voice exclamained.

"Hermione, you jammed my finger in my book again." I muttered.

"Well, if you didn't leave your finger in your book, I wouldn't jam it so often. Besides, reading all this fiction is no good. You don't learn anything." Hermione stated as we made our way to Herbology. I remained quiet. 

Upon arriving to class, we heard a very familiar scream.

"Ahhhh! Get it off! It's killing me! I'm going to die!" 

"What trouble have you gotten yourself into now, Malfoy?" Hermione asked.

I observed the scene of Draco being attacked by a magical plant.

“You’re not going to die, Malfoy. It’s just a Twilight Harlequin. Don’t know how that got out of my book.” I muttered as I readied my wand.

“Niuqelrah thgiliwT eavel yoflaM won!” I chanted.

Instantly, the deadly plant disappeared and Draco stopped screaming.

“Um, thank you, Lovemare. What was that?” Draco said, standing up.

“Only a plant that doesn’t exist in our world.” I held up my fiction book.

“Okay, Celeste. I was wrong. Maybe reading fiction can teach you some things.” Herminone said.

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