A Witch's life in the Muggleworld

written by Celeste Lovemare

An insight to my life growing up in a magical family with non-magical neighbors and friends, then learning at Hogwarts.

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Chapter 1

"Alohomora!" I whispered as to not get my friends' attention. The door unlocked, just I planned.

"Oh, look! The door's open now." Maddelyn noticed.

"That's funny. It was locked not even a second ago." Ava stated.

"Maybe the store opened when we weren't looking?" I suggested. They shurgged and we all walked in. I was secretly hoping my lie would come true.

Now, pause right there. Where are we and who are the girls? I'm Celeste Lovemare, a very uncommon name among the Muggles. But that's it; I'm not a Muggle. I'm a pure-blood living among the Muggles. What's a witch doing with the Muggles, one might ask. I'll tell you.

It all started with my father and mother graduating from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They married and began jobs in Diagon Alley, well my father did. My mother wanted to work in the shop called The Three Broomsticks, in Hogsmeade. As I rmember it, my father one day stumbled upon a book about Muggles.

"Honey! I've decided we should move to the Muggleworld. I wish to study their habits. Imagine the juicy tales we can tell our friends!" Father had told my mother.

"Sounds like fun, Ernest. But what about our child?"

"What?" Father asked, clearly surprised.

"Our child will be growing up with Muggle children, is that what you want?" Mother smirked.

"Well, first, I'm so happy for you, us! And second, yes! A great experiment it will be."

So that's how it happened. I was born in a Muggle hospital. I attended a Muggle preschool and met these two Muggle girls, Maddelyn Johnson and Ava Smith. We grew up together; being put in the smae classes every year since age three.

I always thought I was one of them, until my parents told me the truth, when I was eight. From then on, my life changed. 

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