Witchy News Issue #3

written by Cindy Holmes

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Fun Potions by Belyla Maypine

Chapter 4

Fun Potions!

This week we will be looking at the potion of luck.

This, potion, Felix Felicis or "Liquid Luck," is a potion that gives you luck, or tells you what to do.

Many famous names have used this potion. This includes Arhgopus Creadil, and, the one and only, Harry Potter. This has all ended in astounding results in it. In fact Ronald Weasley didn't it even drink it, but because he thought he had it, luck was given to him.

Felix Felicis ingredients include:

Ashwinder Eggs

Squib Bulb

Murtlap Tentacles

Tincture of Thyme

Occamy Eggshell

Powdered Common Rue

Unlike some fateful potions, the complexity of the potion is simple.

If you want to make this potion, owl me instructions. If you want to know some more about potions, owl me!

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