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written by Cindy Holmes

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Muggle Studies by Esmeralda Licorice

Chapter 2

Muggle Studies Now A Required Class — Only at in-person Hogwarts. Not currently available at Hogwarts is Here. Headmistress McGonagall made the groundbreaking announcement yesterday that Muggle Studies will be a required class for 3rd through 5th years. The decision came after a mass Obliviation of nearly 200 Muggles who had visited a Muggle restaurant owned by a wizard who had several enchanted items visible to the Muggle customers. The wizard pleaded not guilty in front of the Wizengamot, claiming he hadn’t known these things were not normal for Muggles. “It struck me,” said the Headmistress, ”that only those who who choose to take Muggle Studies will know these things. And incidents like this will keep cropping up if that doesn’t change.” Many have supported this notion. Notably, the Ministress of Magic, Hermione Granger, has said she thinks this is a “necessary change,” and Harry Potter, who was raised by Muggles, said that “It’s about time wizards stopped being so clueless about Muggles.” Of course, this decision was also met with backlash. Alexandria Rosier, a mother of two and a rumored Death Eater sympathizer, said, “I hope I speak on behalf of all Purebloods in saying that this new form of indoctrination taking place at Hogwarts is absolutely not acceptable. Both of my children will be transferring to Durmstrang this year.” Ginny Weasley-Potter responded to this, saying “No, you don’t speak on behalf of all Purebloods. And I feel sorry for your kids.” To which Rosier’s daughter, Michelle Rosier, said “Don’t feel sorry for me. Mommy says sorry is for sissies, and whenever we say sorry she-“ The rest of her remarks were cut off by some form of silencing spell cast by Alexandria.

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