Hello There

written by allie

Two girls go on an adventure because their worst nightmares have come true. Quiet literally. (I will try to have a new chapter uploaded every week.)

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Chapter 1



I can't seem to get up. I've been in the same spot for 5 hours. It's right on the kitchen counter on one of those spinny chairs. I've been typing all day on my computer. I like to write. Like a lot. When I'm not in my spot, I'm in my room, reading. My mom always gets mad when I'm in my room. But I like privacy. It's annoying now and then when someone walks in. especially when they don't close the door on the way out. 

And what is my mom gonna do anyway if i'm in my room all day. I wouldn’t let her take my room away. But why would it even matter. she already take a lot of my things. Like the other day I just got a new book. The genre was horror. But I like horror. I think they're fun. Maybe that's what my life is. A horror. Anyway my mom took it away because she said I was too young to read that. Like seriously I’m almost 14. I can handle it. I stole the book back anyway.

Tomorrow, school starts. I despise school. I feel like every little thing I do I’m being watched. I’ve always been a good student. Teachers always liked me. I always had good grades. But it’s too much stress.

I finally get up from my spot and I head to my room. 

“About time” says my mom. She’s been sitting on the couch silently judging me.

I don't respond. As I close the door behind me I look around. I love looking at my room. It’s the only place I can express myself without shame. It has a queen size bed In the corner of the room with a white comforter. The walls are painted gray with posters and pages of books on them. The walls that don’t have posters or book pages on them are covered with bookshelves full of random books. I also like to read. The floor is covered in dirty clothes. There are random papers everywhere. 

.  I walk over to my dresser. It’s cluttered with paper and other things. I stare down at one of the papers. I hissed. It’s my schedule for school. I despise school. Then I see the red hair dye that I secretly bought. Red would be a cool hair color to have. Mom wouldn't like it though. But then again, if she doesn't like it, that's her problem. 

I look up at my mirror and see myself. I have shoulder length blonde hair that I'm so sick of because people always tell me I look like a dumb blonde. I've got sky blue eyes. I’ve got pale skin with bags under my eyes. I hardly ever get any sleep. If I do eventually fall asleep it's for no longer than an hour. I’m tall and lanky. I hate it. Then again sometimes I love it. 

Everyone always asks me if I play basketball because I'm tall. Which I think is stupid. But I do. But just for fun. I played for my school one year and everyone had no idea what they were doing. I was the only one who had a clue.

I glance down at my schedule again. I throw it on my bed. As I go to sit down on my bed my mom calls. 

“SEVYN!” she calls

My name. I never really liked it. 

“What!” I call back

No reply. I'm not surprised. But I also hate when this happens.

“WHAT!” I yelled again

“COME HERE!” she yells

I sigh and start towards my door. Then all of a sudden I hear something. It was like a loud thump. I turn around and almost scream. But it’s just Tommy. My best friend. My only true friend. Like seriously everyone is fake. Most people do because everyone else is. What's the point in that? I learned that there are two types of friends in this world. Fake friends who would push you in front of the bullet and the real friends who would take the bullet for you.

Tommy would take the bullet for me. I would take one for him. Tommy looks sorta like me. We have the same blonde hair. Same blue eyes. But other than that we don’t look too much like each other.

“Hi Tommy.”

“Hey Sev!”

He’s called me that forever.

“What do you want?” I said

I’m not surprised Tommy is here. He always climbs through my bedroom window. I don’t mind. It’s nice to have company. 

“Just wanted to see how my bestie is doing. You know since the thing.” Said Tommy suddenly going serious

 Ah. The thing. I hate the thing.

“Oh I’m just great.” I said with an eye roll

Nothing has been great since the “thing.” 

I should probably explain about the thing. The thing isn’t really called the thing. Me and Tommy just call it that since we don’t like saying what it’s really called. It’s called anger issues. or at least some part of it is .I have had anger issues since forever. I can’t control it. All of my anger builds up inside of me and I snap.

I don’t like when it happens. I hate it. When I was 6 I got super mad and I broke my mom's favorite vase. But since then everything has gotten worse. I kept breaking more stuff. I kept yelling and screaming. It was a horror.

When I looked back up at Tommy again his expression was different. He looked worried. 

“Why are u looking at me like that?” I asked him

“I’m scared for you”

“Well don't. I’ll be fine.” with sternness in my voice I hope so.

“How do we know that? School has always been hard for you.”

He's not saying that in a rude way. He just knows everything that has happened to me. 

“Relax Tommy. I’ll somehow find a way to get kicked out so I don't have to go.”

 I winked at him. We joke like that all the time. 

“Now I better go see what my mom wants before she kills me. Stay here I’ll be back in a second”

He still looked worried. I turned away and went to see what my mom wanted. I walked out of my room and into the living room. Our house isn't very big. We don't have a lot of money. It's been hard since my sister died last year. My dad was never in the picture and my mom is here but she has never been right. Something is just off about her.

“Who were you talking to? I heard a voice in your room." Asked my nosy mother.

“Just Tommy.” like there is going to be anyone else. I don’t really know anyone. I used to know someone else. She was wonderful. She was beautiful, funny, and smart. She was my best friend. Or at least I thought she was. I loved her more than she loved me. It wasn't just her either. I had lots of friends. I was happy. Then all of this shit happened and they decided to leave. Which I guess is fine until you get lonely. Only Tommy stuck around. And believe me I have no freaking idea why. He has lots of other friends besides me. I'm just a hot mess aren't I.

I still don't understand why they all left, especially when I needed them the most. Me and my sister were close. Very close. We told each other everything. We didn't have any secrets. None at all. I have always suspected Tommy would leave. But he never has. I am grateful. He has kept me going. 


Mom sent me back to my room. Back to Tommy. Back to my death.


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