2nd Year: The Girl of Mystery

written by Luna Stars

This year Nadia and Co are back for another crazy year at Hogwarts. Will they all make it through alive? Written by Andromeda Riddle and Luna stars. Disappointly the front cover does not work

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New Year

Chapter 1

Nadia couldn't wait to return to Hogwarts. She had spent the whole summer holidays with Nia sulking and mysteriously all of her favourite things turn up in Nia's room mostly under her bed. She had also approached her at the very end of the Summer term and asked
"Please come around with me this term. Our groups powerful you know you don't have to round with Aaliyah, Rose and Andromeda now even if you did lat year."
Go away had been her response. Now Nadia and Nia and all of their friends were returning to Hogwarts for lessons, friends and enemies and most importantly revenge.
Mrs Climate was moving along the station with the children, near the Hogwarts Express. Andromeda, Zosia and Aaliyah were walking near her, until they caught sight of Rose, Nadia and Nia. Angelina, Valdis and Aries were in a deep conversation with Nia and Willow, occasionally shooting glares at the others. Nadia was chatting happily to Rose, who waved to Andromeda who called hurride godbyes and ran to embrace her friends

"Hello Andromeda! Hi Aaliyah! How was summer Holidays for you?" Asked Nadia concerned for her friend. Her twin sister Zosia had recently became her bitter enemy because Zosia crossed over to the bad side whilst Aaliyah had drawn back detesting evil.

"Well, it wasn't jolly. SOMEONE," She prounounced every syllable, "stole my books, spilt my ink, thrown my small pocket diary into the lavetory." Zosia who was a little behind them, talking to Nia scowled.

Nadia nodded and replied loudly
"I'm sure NOBODY could have done such a horrid thing as that."
Nadia smiled seeing Zosia's uncomfortable expression. They boarded the train making sure their opposite sides to each other.

Meanwhile, Angelina, (who lost her faifthul sidekicks, they all had to transfer to new schools.) Nia, Zosia and Willow sat on the other side of the train. Suddenly, we heard some gasps and an incantation said in a low voice, outside the compartment door. Then, a girl scurryed in, her eyes wide in shock.
"Hey. Did you just see what happened outside?" She exclaimed. Zosia raised her eyebrows. This was Reena Marecey, who always admired the gang last year. She understood that this outburst wasn't polite, especially to her "hero's".
"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean...outside, you know..." She finished lamely. Then, with a kind nod, she ran out. A slim figure entered through the unlocked door. It was a girl with a mane of black, straight hair and her eyes were like the clouds and thunder, storming away in her serene eyes. Without permission to sit here, she sat down and began fumbling in her bag for a book.

Angelina frowned. Then enquired pompously
"And you are?"
The girl looked up from her bag, shrugged and continued searching. Angelina was a naturally nosy girl. She wanted to know who this impolite girl was
"You are?" She asked raising her voice slightly.

"I beg your pardon?" The girl said, in a surprizingly lipsing voice. "I'm Natalia Smith." She paused, looking at each girl, her stormy eyes moving unblinkingly. "Who are you?"

"Angelina. Parkinson." Replied Angelina holding out her hand. She was always looking for new recruits! After all, half the army have left so we need people quickly. Zosia eyed her up unsmilingly. She still couldn't get over the shock of Aaliyah and she wasn't offering a hand of friendship to any other people!

But Natalia didn't shake it, she just gave a nod. Suddenly, the door was thrust open and revealed Reena again, this time accompanied by Loura Hanstyon and Mary Broadmen, another eager supporters of Angelina, yet not taken to be her "best friends". So, they gave a polite wave and smile to them and then they snapped their eyes back on Natalia.
"Is it true?" Asked Mary, "What you just did to Emma?" Natalia nodded.
"Wow," Loura breathed, gaping at her. "Well, that was so good! Anyway, so sorry for intruding!" They all smiled again and disapeared.

Nia's head jerked as did Angelina's.
"What on earth did you do?" Whispered Nia eyes wide "Was it really bad?"

Natalia's smug smile widened.
"Emma Jorkins from the fifth year was annoying me. I used a non-verbal spell to make her full of boils. Slytherins should live up to their reputation - I'm 100% going there. You are already in that house, I gather by your ties. Emma is a filthy, muggle-born girl. Surely you agree?" She said, her eyes dancing with enjoyment.

Willow began spluttering with laughter. Angelina however raised her eyebrows impressed.
"Non- verbal did you say? As a first year? That is impressive. What about you join our army? Too avenge 4 girls. Andromeda, Rose, Nadia and Aaliyah." Muttered Angelina frowning at Nia. Nia knew what this meant.
"Oh please do! We would simply love having such a powerful girl in our army!" Implored Nia making her eyes hopeful and appealing

"Glad that there are some sensible people here," Natalia said, somewhat happily.
"Army? Targeting four people? And, I will say Thank you, I did read all the books in the holidays and got another bag full for extra background reading. But...wouldn't it be more effective to have it targeting several people...muggle-borns for instance? As well as others who stand so passionatly on Dumby's side." Natalia was already dressed in her robes and Angelina noticed that they were darker then most.

Nia smiled and opened her mouth to speak but Angelina gave her such a glare she shrank back. Then Angelina herself spoke.
"Yes that would be fantastic. But may I ask why are you wearing such dark robes?"

"I am darkness." She replied softly.

Angelina glanced at her thoughtfully. She reminds her strangely of a dementor dark and powerful. She thought that she may have found a rivial to power.

Natalia began staring out of the window. Then, she broke the silence.
"I went to Durmstrang before, It will be fascinating to study from a different angle."

Zosia looked up eagerly
"Oh! I used to go Durmstrang too! I must admit I preferred it there but I wouldn't have been in an army If I hadn't had come so really I'm not complaining!"
But she was. Hogwarts drew Aaliyah and her apart. Now, she could take a stand!

"We were seperate, I think. The different houses never interacted together." Natalia nodded and looked and Angelina.
"I still don't know you very well. Could you talk about yourself?" She asked, her eyes were burning with curiosity, it seem

Angelina frowned. She didn't like being asked about herself
"I'm a slytherin pureblood evil and I have a huge grudge against several people. I caused someone I disliked to expelled which is my plan for Andromeda Rose Aaliyah and Nadia.

Natalia nodded carelessly and suddenly, Hogwarts came into view.

Nia beamed as she looked at it. Although a while ago she decided that Durmstrang must be better then Hogwarts if Zosia enjoyed it she couldn't help but feel a tingle of delight as she saw it. She turned to Angelina to see her expression. It was as calm and haughty as always. Then she turned to Natalia to see her expression

Her expression was unreadable, yet a hungry look filled her eyes. She was unruffled and haughty with a serene look. As soon as the whistle blew, she went out and crossed the lake with Hagrid. They entered the hall.

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