Just Me, the Forest, and the Girl I Love

written by Sophy

Meet Mia, your clumsy, plant-loving weirdo. Maybe life would be better for her if the girl sitting in front of her in English wasn't so hot. At least she'd be able to focus and get better grades. Now, meet Rachael, the smart, pink-haired lesbian with a cute girl behind her. Mia suddenly realises one this: she's falling for this girl. Can she ask out Rachael before it's too late?

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Chapter 1


Why can't people just point their FREAKING TOES?

So we do it again, again, again.


"Okay, guys, take a break, we'll do it again in 5," called Cherry, grabbing her own water bottle (black with red and green dots on). "We're so close!"

"UUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH," I groaned, lying on the cool ground. "Why, Megan? Why did you let me do this?"

Stroking my hair, I heard Megan reply, "Aw, Mia, here, have my water, your cheeks are so red!"

"Ugh, stop teasing me, can't you see I'm broken?!"

"Okay, guys, let's continue. 5, 6, 7, 8," Cherry insisted, clapping along to the music. "RUBY! RUBY! Stop! You're going to fall over of you don't point your toes! Okay, point... Point... Twirl... And perfect! Let's run this again from the top! 5, 6, 7 and 8!"

At first it was perfect. Ruby pointed her toes as she twirled across the "stage", Megan leaped gracefully and put her heart and soul into the routine, Lucy, even little Lucy who couldn't be bothered to do anything, made an effort with the dance. And, then, you see me. I was doing ok-ish up till now. Just placed in the back, too small to be seen, I couldn't hit the right moves, but, hey-ho, no one could see me anyways. Well, now I was going to be seen, for it was time for my solo. "Okay! I can do this!" I thought. "Just follow Cherry's instructions and point your toes for God's sake!"

I stood there, smiling at Cherry.

She smiled back.

I returned her smile with an even brighter one.

We were going to need sunglasses soon.

What was this? A smiling competition?! JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN ROUTINE ALREADY!

"So, Mia," she finally spoke, "let's see what you've got!"


Oh, right, I was meant to come up with the routine. Ooohhhh. So, WHY DIDN'T I DO IT?! I break out into a sweat, and shuffle around, trying to make one up now.

"Um, Cherry? I- It's not a lot, but..."

I start on the ground, my hands stretched out. Then, I twirl on my knees, I guess that's how I can describe it. As the music crescendoed (yes, it's a word, google it! (other search engines available)), so do I, as I leap up, twirling and tumbling.


Oh, right, I fell. Into the plants.

So, now I'm just hanging out with my plant buds.

I'm one of them now.

Covered in soil, needs watering. Won't bloom for a few more years.

Just me and my plant babes.

I'll probably marry the rhododendron.

"NOOOO! RHODY!" I scream as I get dragged away from my besties (the plants).

"The hell?" Megan laughed, turning to face me so I could see my kidnapper.

I gasped. Megan?! Stealing me away from my loves? "How could you? How would you like it if I took you away from your besties, your loves, your family, the people who you love, cherish, and trust?"

"Mia... They're plants."

"Like you didn't have an emotional attachment to the four bees in your room that you only knew for 3 days. CHICKEN NOODLE, MUCH?!" I answered, glaring at her. It wasn't until now that I realised how dumb it was to be attached to plants. Humans are weird.

As much as I hate to admit it... I cried. I cried and screamed. I cried, screamed and kicked my legs. Today was just... I don't know how to describe this ahh. I was just in a crazy mood, I guess.

God, I'm crazy.

And that's how we start this new diary, with my crazy, plant-obsessed random-ness.

I'm seriously the most random person I know, haha.

Oh, shoot, mum's screaming at me to sleep now. Bye?

Great, I spilt my water on my bed and I'm all wet. Is it possible to be more clumsy?!

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