Jurassic Killer

written by Rylee Shuler

When four kids go to Jurassic World their whole world changes. A story filled will romance and thrill.

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Chapter 1

“Ahhhh!” Kayla screamed. 

“Shut up, Kayla,” Sam whispered, “the dinosaur will come faster.”

Earlier, “Wow!” Taylor exclaimed, “I can’t believe we’re here.”

Taylor, Kayla, Sam, and Tyler, who are all 16, just arrived at Jurassic World. Tyler and Taylor are twins, their mom had sent them with two friends, Sam and Kayla, to see their uncle, who works at Jurassic World. 

“Hey guys,” Michal, the twins’ uncle, introduced himself, “I’m Michal, Taylor and Tyler’s uncle.”

All the kids said hey back.

“How about we get on a ride?”

“That’s a great idea,” said Michal, “y’all go on ahead. I gotta get back to work, see y’all.”

After that, they left for a ride. While waiting in line for the longest ride in the park Sam took out his phone to take a picture of all of them. 

“ Smile, and smile big. I want to hang this up in my room.” 

Sam said in a loud voice so he knew they could hear him over the crowd of people beside them. 

“ Okay. ” they all yelled back to him. They all turned around to get the massive ride in the picture. 

“ Smile,” Sam said fastly.

As they turned to take the picture all they heard was screaming and crying. They turned to find that a dinosaur had escaped from the lab, and that dinosaur was a T-Rex. As everyone stood and stared in fear, Taylor grabbed all of their arms and screamed, “Run!!!” 

They all ran and hid in their uncle's car. When all of a sudden all you could hear was CRASH, CRASH, CRASH! The ride had been knocked to the ground, rubble, and debris flying everywhere. 

“Ahhhh!” Kayla screamed. 

“Shut up, Kayla,” Sam whispered, “the dinosaur will come faster.”

Kayla quieted. BOOM the volcano in the middle of the park erupted, lava spilled and flew everywhere. 

“Okay, I think we are safe here,” Taylor said.

Just as they think they are safe they hear more crashes, they are getting closer and louder. All of the sudden the car they’re in is lifted off the ground by the T-Rex. When it drops Kayla screamed when the car was dropped. 

All of a sudden, Taylor kisses Sam. 

She let go, “I’m sorry, I just had to tell you, just in case we don’t make it, I..I love you.”

Astonished at first Sam kissed her back, “I love you too.”

They stay in the car for a while until they decide they’re safe. They look out the windows before they get out and they see they are in a big hole. They all get out of the car. They can’t see the dinosaur, so they start climbing out of the hole, Tyler in the back. All of a sudden the T-Rex came out of the shadows of the trees and grabbed Tyler with such force it tore his body in half. They all screamed. Taylor stood there frozen out of the shock of what just happened. She was now a twin without her twin. The group of four friends was now three.

“Taylor!” Sam grabbed her and ran. 

All three of them ran as fast as they could, after a little while they found themselves back near the front of the ride. They could still hear the dinosaur behind them. They kept running, they then found a store and ran inside to hide. The T-Rex didn’t see them go into the store so it kept running ahead. The silence of the three lasted a while. All of them, still in shock at what happened. 

After like 15 minutes Sam asked, “Is everyone okay?”

Both girls looked at him, and Taylor loudly said, “Do you think I’m Okay? I just lost my brother, not just my brother, my twin!”

“Taylor I know you lost your brother, Kayla and I were his friends. We cared about him too.” Sam said back, he hugged her to calm her down.

“I…..I……” Kayla was trying to say something but she couldn’t.  

“Kayla?” Sam looked over at her, “What is it?”

“I…..I loved him,” she confessed. 

“You did?” Taylor asked.

“Yeah, I did,” Kayla answered, “I never told him because I was scared it would ruin our friendship.”

“Oh my gosh,” Taylor was flabbergasted, “I can’t believe I didn’t know, that I couldn’t tell.”

They all sat on the floor and got their phones out. 

“Does anyone's phone have battery life left?” Sam asked, “Mine’s dead.”

“I do,” said Taylor.

“Great,” Sam said relieved, “see if you can call your uncle.”

Taylor got her phone and dialed her uncle’s number.

“Taylor!” Michal said joyfully, “You're still alive! Oh, thank God. Is everyone else there and safe?”

Taylor started crying.

“Are you okay?” Michal said concerned, “Is someone hurt, or worse, is someone dead?”

Taylor burst out in tears, “Tyler……”

“No,” he said as he realized what happened.

“He’s….he’s gone,” she finally cried out.  

The shock of the event terrified Michal, “I..it can’t be...no….your mom…...how?”

“It’s true,” Sam took the phone from Taylor, “I know this is sad, but we need you to come to get us. We are in a store near the front of the park, I think it’s called Jurassic Clothes.”

“Okay, I’m on my way,” Michal said as he grabbed his stuff and headed to his truck. 

Michal drove through the dark alleyways so the T-Rex won’t see him. He then arrived at the store. 

He called Taylor, “I’m here.”

Taylor, Sam, and Kayla all went out the back door, where he was, and got in the truck. Silently they started driving. Michal drove through the dark alleyways to the entrance. They then left through the entrance, got on the helicopter, and left the island. 

2 weeks later

They didn’t have Tyler’s body for his funeral, but they did have pictures. As you probably guessed, this is Tyler’s funeral. They had pictures of him playing on a TV. 

“I miss him,” Kayla cried, “I can’t believe I didn’t tell him.”

“We all miss him, Kayla,” Taylor cried back. 

Taylor and Sam were holding hands and comforting each other, they were officially dating now. The rest of the funeral went on quietly. 

10 years later

Sam and Taylor got married and had two kids, Sky and Ty, but they might have a happy ending, but Kayla, not so much. Kayla never got over Tyler, no matter how many boys asked her out, she has to go to therapy every Wednesday, because she has trauma that she’ll never get rid of. 


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