A musical horror

6 friends try to find out what musical to do will they figure it or have to choose a play you decide

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

At School

Poppy: Hey guys meet at the auditorium in an hour. 

Everyone but Poppy: Okay see you guys there

Poppy: Okay see you there 

*Everyone leave but Poppy*

Poppy: Okay we have six ideas let's see if everyone agrees on it. 

*Olivia Walks on*

Olivia: Hey have you decided on a musical yet

Poppy: No we are going to decide when everyone gets here in an hour 

Olivia: Okay I think I have a musical in mind 

Poppy: Okay pick a song and sing it right now 

Olivia: Okay 

*Sings Blank Space by Taylor Swift* 

Poppy: That was great but that’s not a musical.

Olivia: I know but what if we make a new musical

*April walks in*

April: Hey guys I’m here early as possible 

Olivia: Hey April 

*Kylee walks in* 

Kylee: Hey guys um is this the auditorium 

April: Duh, anyway can I sing my song right now 

Poppy: Sure, sing it when everyone…

April: Okay Okay 

*April starts singing Fabulous* (violet joins in then leaves) 

*Olivia slaps her head*

Olivia: She said when everyone is here 

Poppy: Wait you think we should do High School Musical 

April: Duh, what else would I do 

Olivia: I don’t know just sto….

Poppy: Wait you are not the director and no one is here so just quit it okay 

April: Fine fine just wait till Violet gets here 

Poppy: Okay just go sit in the corner and wait for everyone to get here

April: Fine just be quiet 

*April walks to corner*

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