How to Care for a Thestral

written by Cindy Holmes

In this book I will show you everything you need to know before adopting a Thestral and whether it is safe to do so.

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Introduction: What is a Thestral

Chapter 1

Thestrals are huge winged horses that are only visible to people who have witnessed death. They are carnivores that are incredibly good trackers and can serve as rides for people who do not wish to apparate. They find food by following the scent of fresh blood. A Thestral can sniff out dead meat from over five miles away.

Historically speaking, Thestrals are thought to be bad omens but this is just a superstition. They are very clever creatures that can be easily tamed with the right guidance. Once trained, Thestrals are very helpful with tasks such pulling wagons, transportation (only legal over small distances), companions, and some older wizards even use them to help them find their way around a house. Much like how muggles use guide dogs.

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