A Hogwarts adventure

written by Hermione magic

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Chapter 1

Quinn picked up The Daily Quibbler from the post that had been dropped at his feet, the was a new intresting game called Hogwartle and so far he had managed 7/8 goes because he was relatively smart. His friend Harri, fidgedted in her chair,

"You alright?" He laughed, her scruffy hair spiralled under her hat. She giggled uncontrollably and pulled his hat down over his eyes. 

"I'm so nervous!" She giggled again. 

"What for?" Quinn asked then whe he saw the look on Harri's face, he smacked his forehead.

"Quidich trials! Duh!" Harri rolled her eyes. "I know what I'm getting for your birthday."

"Ugh, let me guess, post-it notes?" Quinn looked at her.

"You read my mind," Harri grasped her wand and jabbed it in his ribs. 

"Ouch! Stop that! If your nervous then go out and practice!" Quinn punched her shoulder and they raced to the broom cupboard. They unlocked it and got two brooms. They practiced throwing a ball at each other before Harri rocketed into the sky, he loved seeing her at her favourite sport. He much prefered curling up inside with a book but he didn't care because it made her happy. 

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