Lost Wizardlore and Mythology (In Cooperation With Cindy Holmes)

written by Marie Holmes

Folklore and legends passed down generations of all houses. These stories were collected by the Holmes siblings.

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The Horror Story of the Grim Grimy Goblin

Chapter 4

NOTE: this story was written in the 19th century, before wizards started accepting muggles in Britain.

Once there was a respectable girl. She listened to his mother and never spoke to the muggles. But one day she saw another boy and thought he was like no other. Until one day the strange boy grabbed her shoulder and his skin started to crawl. Literally. The boy's skin crawled off to reveal a skin that was green and scaly. It was Grim Grimy Goblin.

The little girl was never heard from again. Other versions of this story say that the little girl turned into a cat and kicked the goblin's scaly butt and is now teaching transfiguration at Hogwarts. But this may be inaccurate, as all of these stories probably are.

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