The White Wolf

A sad, emotional, exciting book about a 12-year old girl called Ulva Lovell

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Chapter 1

ll Prologue ll

It was happening again. Ulva's heart beat wildly, and she clenched her fists together, sweat pouring down her face. She wrenched open the door and raced out into the deadly silent night. She crouched down in the grass, her fingers digging into the dry crumbly dirt. She looked in horror and disgust at herself as she saw her fingers turning into claws and her hands into big paws. She became bigger and her ears turned into long pointed ones. She saw her nose turn into a white snout and all of a sudden she could hear, smell and see things so much better than before. She started to think differently. She wanted to run away into the woods where everything was alive but in her human mind she knew that she must stay. But her werewolf form urged her to go, and soon she was tearing through the trees so fast that they were a blur beside her. She blindly remembered slamming into a body and someone yelling her name. Then everything went black. 

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