Second Years Guide to Ace Alchemy: A Study Guide

written by Lily Lavender

This book is intended for all who need a quick study reference guide for ALCH-201. It has a glossary of terms & its appropriate meanings for the entire course. Each chapter is based on a lesson; where it won't go into grave detail, but will give you the necessary components to study for upcoming tests & assignments. This does not include mid-term & final exams. All detailed information about each topic is in your official lessons with the Professor. DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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Lesson Five: Noble Metals Study Guide

Chapter 6

Silver & Gold

Silver is a white metal & its symbol is Ag. In Latin, it tranlates to argentum, which means either gray or shining. Its symbol illustrates the moon & femininity. In roughly 609 to 560 B.C.E., when king Alyattes ruled the land, the Lydians used silver for their currency. To melt silver, use a graphite crucible. Gold is red-yellow in color & its symbol is Au. In Latin, it tranlates to aurum. Gold was considered dust, which created the solar system. This metal can't be oxidized, but can be broken down by using aqua regia. King Tushratta of Mitanni thought that gold had the ability to heal due to the Sun. Gold can aid in depression, fear, sorrow, & unhappiness. Vitality, radiance, virtue, & health are the characteristics of gold.

Platinum & Ruthenium

Platinum is gray-white in color & its symbol is Pt. If exposed in short-term, you may have displeasure in the throat, nose, & eyes areas. If exposed in long-term, you may have skin or respiratory allergies. Antonio de Ulloa & Jorge Juan y Santacilia discovered this metal. Platinum & cobalt make powerful magnets. In alchemy, this metal represents your strength of will, courage, & endurance. Platinum is an amalgamation. Ruthenium is silver-white in a metallic color & its symbol is Ru. This metal is very rare, as it is the seventy-fourth of the most plentiful. It is used for electrical means & can stain skin when exposed. In alchemy, ruthenium represents holiness & sacred, as well as self-empowerment in witchcraft.

The Magnetic Spell

Incantation: Magis Magnetico (ma-GEES mag-NET-tee-co)
Wand Movement: An X shape

Fun Facts
Silver is the most reflective, thermal conductivity, & electrical conductivity. It is mostly used in mirrors, jewellery, & telescopes.
It is used for currency & jewellery, & it is considered to be the king of metals. Gold symbolizes perfection & flexibility.
This metal is used to treat cancer. In chemotherapy, cisplatin, carboplatin, & oxaliplatin all have platinum. Platinum is also used to create lab, dentistry, thermometers, & jewellery.
Karl Karlovich Klaus (Carl Ernst Claus) discovered ruthenium in 1840. He was gifted with the Demida Prize & taught at Kazan State University

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