Ministry Of Friendship: A guide

Several people have been interested in starting a friendship system and against stereotype group in Hogwarts. This book is made for them - I would ask them to read it. If you want to join please don't hesitate to read this and join one of the recent groups!

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About us

Chapter 1

Welcome, my friends,

to the Ministry Of Friendship at Hogwarts. This is created by me and a few other people who also think that we need first-years (or even elder people) to have someone to talk and chat in within this site. To make this job a bit harder, we also have against stereotypes of houses. For example, someone posted in the common room that Ravenclaws are actually not stuck-up on this website, and the person claimed to change against that for any houses. Now, the example is not the best one, but to give you the idea. This is not the only thing we do, however. We have all sorts of Departments that you can join and sub-ones too. As I and a few others actually started this originally, we will get all of us to be head of a Department. However, if you would like to propose an idea of a Department and we approve, you will be only too welcome to be head of it as well. But, please know, that you may work in one of the Depatments and you don't have to be head of it.

One of these is called "Department of Magical cooperation" and it is all about having peace between houses and create a more peaceful society to the whole of Hogwarts. For example, Slytherins can be friends with Hufflepuffs! Anything is possible. As Albus Dumbledore wisely said "Difference of habitat and language is nothing if our aims are identical and hearts are open." That is the motto for the this Department. Incidentlly, I am head of this Department and I will be glad to have other who want to join. The sub-departments for this is the "Magical cooperation for Gryffindor and Slytherin Office" as well as "Magical cooperation for Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw Office" and these both just are directed to have more connections for these two, as Gryffindors and Slytherins do not go that well sometimes and it clearly states that in the book.

The next Department is called "Department of friendship arguments and need of help". Here, I would advise you to join LGBTQIA+ group at Hogwarts as well as this job requires you to be patient and listen to those who have trouble or if you stumble upon a disgreement or argument in a common room or something, it will be your duty to try and stop and resolve it. This job is clear, I hope. The motto for this job is "Books and cleverness! There are more importent things - friendship and bravery." and is said by smart Hermione Granger. There are also two sub-departments for the Department of friendship arguments and need of help, they are called "Committe Of Magical Law and Rights" which keep a record (on google Docs, for example) and keep track of any logical rules and fair things that may help when reasoning. The other Department is "Friendship arguments and need of help petrol" which just scrolls through the groups and see's if they find anything for the Department to solve and sends a message to all of the team, the people have to be active and a contact to the whole team.

Another Department is called "Department against stereotypes" and I'm sure that it's pretty clear on what you have to do. All you need to do is stop stereotypes and make a majority of students agree with you. For the Department aginst stereotypes, there are no sub-departments and niether there are for the rest.

Lastly, we have a Department called "Department of wizarding friendships" and this is entirly focused to make friends. You do not take care of arguments, that are for other Departments but this one should try to make new bonds, all classes and years (and different houses) to all b friends. The head of the Department may choose the way to do so.

Many thanks for reading this, and if you are joining or already have, I'm looking forward to work with you!

Your faithful,

Delphini. S. L

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