Hogwarts: A History

written by Andromeda Riddle

Only one, long chapter about the founders of Hogwarts. I enjoyed writing this - and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much. By Andromeda Riddle.

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The Legend Of The Chamber Of Secrets

Chapter 2

The Legend Of The Chamber Of Secrets


The story starts like no other, with the four  Founders known as Rowna, Helga, Godric and Salazar. Everyone got along until Salazar Slytherin started to change his views. He started to think that Muggles Polluted the air, (Muggles Pollute the air, Let’s keep our Heir) and had a gruesome argument with Godric, who loved Muggle Borns. Or at least, didn’t care. He didn’t care how many Muggles went to Gryffindor, Half-bloods or Pure-bloods. So the legends tell that after the fight, Salazar went. Not telling where he went and leaving so abruptly, that no Muggle-born even stepped into Slytherin. However, the cunning, ambitious house remains, finishing Salazar's rudeness to Muggles. Now the tale starts.


Furious with Gryffindor, he built a hidden chamber in the school. Until Tom Riddle himself, one of the most powerful descendants of Salazar Slytherin.


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