Charms we learnt

written by Irene S.

Here I'm going to write down every charm that we learn, including the information that's given to us, and in which class you can find it. I hope it han help someone

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The Wand-Lighting Charm, Lumos

Chapter 1

Incantation: Lumos (pronounced ‘LOO-mos’)

Wand Movement: Single counter-clockwise loop

Willpower: Low; determines the color of the light

Concentration: Low; lighting up the top of your wand 

Ideal color of light: light yellow, if you put to much willpower or concentrarion it will be scarlet, if you put too little, it will be white.


Year it was first casted: 1772 by Ms. Monkstanley in order to find the quill she had dropped. 


DADA, 1st year. Lesson 1) Introduction to Defense Against the Darks Arts, of Professor Penrose. 

Charms, 1st year. Lesson 1) Introduction to Charms, of Professor Virneburg.
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