Masters of the Mystic Arts (In Progress)

NOT HARRY POTTER RELATED STILL IN PROGRESS If you like it please post on my wall or OWL me! This is a story in which three best friends explore their magical capabilities. The bad kid, Andrew, is taken back through his memories to find out who he is, while Tasha realizes that Tarik isn't straight, and Jenna figures out who her long lost son is.

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Chapter 9 - Water Magic

Chapter 9

“Have you ever heard of Water Magic?” I asked.

“Not as of recently, Miss Jenna.” Finn replied.

I asked him, “Would you like to learn the magic of water?  If you say yes, I will teach you.”

Maya looked at him and nodded, “I think you should say yes.  It would be good if someone else learned at least one magic,” she blushed as she added, “and I think it should be you.”

“Yes please then, Miss Jenna.” Finn said.

“Sit still.  Let the water encase you and try to breathe normally with the water covering you.  You will now be able to breathe underwater.  Understood?” I asked him.

“Understood, ma’am.” Finn said.

I smiled.




“Tarik.  We need to go.  Something feels different in the air.  The water.  The water feels different.  We need to go now!” Malachi said.  He turned to Tasha, “I don’t care what you have done but right now you WILL pick up your brother and help him out of this room.”

“Whatever you say my friend.” Tasha said to him.

Malachi glanced at her but said nothing. “Can you walk with some support, Tarik?”

“Probably,” I said to him.

“Then try please,” Malachi responded.

I struggled to get up and he rushed over and helped me to stand up and walk.  He put my right arm around his shoulders and helped me to walk.

“Ahhhh,” I tried to speak, “Why?  Why would you do this to me?  Go with the enemy.  I don’t care.  Don’t come running to me whenever your boyfriend tortures you too, Tasha.”

“You can always trust a dishonest person to be dishonest, Tarik.” Tasha replied, “It’s just who I am at this point.”

“I can definitely see that, Tasha.  No need to remind me.” I told her.

“Stop.  Just stop, both of you.  Just stop.” Malachi said.

I looked down, hurt.  One of my best friends, my best friend actually, was yelling at me.  Why?  Why did this always happen to me?  All of my friends end up as horrible people.  How will I ever recover from all of this?

“We need to get to Maya.  Let’s get to Maya.” I said.

“Fine.” Tasha said as she instantly made a left into another hallway. “We haven’t got all day.  Let’s go!”



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