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Chapter 8 - Revelations

Chapter 8

“No way!” Marcia said. “You will never be my brother!  Tarik isn’t family but if this is true he is more of a brother to me than you will ever be!”

“You and Tarik both can’t get away from any of this and you know it.  You cannot get away from me.” Andrew said.

“Yes we can.” I said as I tried to get up.  Jenna reached down and helped me up.  She supported me so that I wouldn’t fall down as I said, “You are done doing this to us Andrew.  You are done I say!”

“You aren’t going to leave anytime soon, Tarik.  We will have some fun shall we?  Let's practice some magic!” Andrew said as he backed up and forced me to have to back up too because we were about to practice our magic. “Ready to have some fun?” Andrew asked as he raised his eyebrows.

“No.  No.  No.  We cannot do this right now and we will never do this again.” I said as we continued to circle each other.

“Oh yes we can!” Laughed Andrew as his fingers lit up gold. “We can do it now!”

His fingers were golden so I knew what was coming.  I stood still and watched for the moment whenever there would be a bright flash of gold so that I could defend myself.  I watched and as his fingers gave off a bright flash of gold I moved my hands in front of my body in an intricate pattern.  As the energy came towards me a shield formed and sent the bolt right back to Andrew.

“You should have thought about this before you attacked me when I was well.  You should have attacked whenever I was weak and unable to fly.” I said as I rose off the ground and hovered in the air.

“Hahahahaha!  You learned it!  You mastered flight!” Jenna said.

I looked at Jenna before turning back to Andrew.  “You know, Andrew, it isn’t right what you have done.  I must admit though,” Andrew smiled, “Some of it was fun along the way.  Now we are here, at the end!  You will not touch me again!”

Andrew glared at me before nodding his head as his fingers lit up gold.  The beam of light hit me and I barely registered that I was screaming.  Andrew kept the beam of light on me for quite some time before it faded away and he smiled sadly.  The energy was all over my body but by then I had stopped screaming.  I moved my hands and the golden energy flowed into me before I unleashed a river of light towards Andrew.

“Marcia!  Catch the light!  Aim it at the center of Andrew's forehead!  NOW!” I screamed at her as the river of energy continued to pour out of my body.

Marcia ran in front of the light, her hands glowing silver, as she grabbed it and directed it to the center of Andrew’s forehead.  Marcia held the beam in place and didn’t let it move from the center of Andrew’s forehead.

“Don’t do this.  Don’t kill him.  Don’t become like Andrew and his kind.” Coulter interrupted. “Trust me.  You will regret it for the rest of your life if you kill him, Tarik and Marcia.  It really isn’t worth the pain.”

“Don’t bother me, Coulter.  I have made up my mind.” I said. “This way he isn’t going anywhere.”

“Tarik,” Jenna tried, “Please, let me.”

“No.  Never.  I have to do this on my own.  Now clear out!” I said as a shield formed around myself, Marcia, and Andrew to prevent anyone from coming in.

“Tarik!” Jenna, Coulter, Maya, Monte, Victoria, and Tasha all screamed at once.

“You know Tarik, it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can stop.” Marcia told me.

“I don’t feel so well.” I muttered as I fell forward and the beam disappeared.

“No.  No.  No.  No.  The fire will burn him from the inside out.  There is no cure for this.” Jenna said as my shield fell apart and she ran to me.

“Yes there is.” Tasha said. “Here, let me.”

Jenna stepped back to give Tasha some room.  Tasha stood still but her eyes moved everywhere.  I will need help.  “Who is strong enough to help me?” Tasha asked.

“I can’t.  There is a strong chance that the effort would kill me.” Maya said.

“I shouldn’t.  It will give me health issues and possibly kill me as well.” Victoria said sadly.

“I can.” A deep voice said.

Everyone turned around and saw a tall boy in the doorway.  He watched all of us as he stepped through the doorway.  A girl stepped through right behind him.

“I can as well.” The girl said.

Tasha looked at them both as they said together, “We can do it.”

“Fine.” Tasha said to the girl.  She waved them over.

“You both put your hands on my shoulders.  Both of them.” They did as she asked.

The boy said, “Let me help both you and your brother.  One hand on you and the other on your brother.  I can help you and him at the same time.”

“I guess that’s fine.” Tasha said.

“Then let's get to it.” The boy said as he pushed his energy into Tasha and myself.

Tasha gasped as she said, “This power.  I have only seen it once before.  Wait, who, is that,” Tasha couldn’t find words.

“Never you mind.” The boy said.

“I think it is important though.” Tasha said, “So we will continue this discussion soon.”

The boy was silent as he kept his hand on Tasha’s shoulder and the other on mine. Then he said, “Let's get this done.  I have things to do.”  He said this as purple magic started to come off of him like water.

The girl reached out and put her hands on Tasha’s shoulders and poured her energy into the boy and Tasha.  Tasha stretched her arms out over me and her orange magic poured over me which mixed with the girls red and the boys purple.  The magic condensed into a little ball that Tasha directed into my mouth.  As soon as I swallowed it it exploded; water flowed through my entire body.  It immediately put out all of the fires in my body.  I had so much water inside of my body that I felt as if I was going to explode.

“He will be fine.  Let’s go, Paige.” the boy said.

“Okay.” Paige said. “I will be in the hall.  Bye, Tasha.”

“Don’t go, guys!  Stay here with us!” Tasha said, “Please.”

The boy looked at her closely before looking at Paige who nodded slightly.  He turned back to Tasha and said, “Alright, we will stay.” He put his hand on my head to see if I was hot. “He is really burning up.”

“He.  Was.  On.  Fire.” Paige said. “Burning from the inside out!  He would have quite literally burst into flames if we hadn't stopped it.”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I groaned as I lay on the floor, still unconscious.

“Oh no.  He is going to blow up isn’t he.” the boy said.

“He shouldn’t, buddy.  This is just him coping with the stress on his body.” Jenna said to the boy.

“Hmm.  I see.” The boy said as he stood up. “I will watch over him and you can go into the other room and rest.”

“At least let me stay too then, friend.” Tasha said.

The boy stared at her, as if trying to find some flaw, but he couldn’t.  So he looked at her before he sighed, sat back down, and said, without turning around, “Fine.  If you wish to stay, you can.  However, let me warn you; if you see something you don’t want to, leave immediately.  Understand, Tasha?”

“Understood, Malachi.” Tasha said.

“Good.” Malachi said. “The rest of you can go now.”

“Stay safe.” Jenna said as she exited the room behind everyone else before closing the door softly behind them, leaving Malachi and Tasha sitting next to each other in the quiet room.




“What happens now?” asked Monte.

“We wait.” Jenna said.

And so they waited.




Tasha and Malachi were sitting in the quiet room.  Malachi glanced at Tasha as he smiled and said, “Are you and Andrew…”

“No!” Tasha exclaimed before she realized her mistake, “I mean no.  Of course not.”

“Are you sure?  Tarik has told me a lot about you two.  He seems really concerned about it.” Malachi responded.

“Why would he be concerned about it?  He doesn’t even like me or his other sisters very much.” Tasha said coldly.

“I can disagree with that statement.  He is concerned because he loves you, Tasha.  He knows what Andrew can do and,” Malachi lowered his voice, “he knows that you are a part of it and it breaks his heart.”

Tasha looked down.  She stared at the floor as if she could kill it. “So you believe that I have something to do with causing my own death?”

“No.  I don’t.” Malachi sighed, “I think your brother is growing paranoid.”

“Hmm.” Tasha sounded unhappy as she said, “He is wrong.”

“I sure hope so.” He said. “I sure wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“You don’t believe me.” Tasha said as she looked at him sadly. “You will never believe me, will you?”

“Tasha,” Malachi started, “You don't understand.  You could never understand.  What Tarik and I have, it’s special, not unlike Paige and yourself.  You, your brother, Paige, and myself are all connected in more ways than we can even begin to count.” He sighed, “Even so, we have so many issues between the four of us that I have no idea how we are still together unless it is just because of our good friendships and dedication and commitment to each other.”

Tasha remained silent as she listened carefully to Malachi.

“Whenever Tarik was found to be Gay, almost no one accepted him at all.  The only reason that he was accepted again was when he went and pretended to be Straight again.  Everyone knows that he isn’t straight though, yet everyone still respects him.”

“Yes.” Tasha said.

Malachi sighed again, “The poor thing has been through so much.  He really needs some help, Tasha.”

“He doesn’t need any help!” Tasha snapped at Malachi.

Malachi glanced down at me and stayed silent before turning to look out the window.

“So, you have changed.” I said. “Oh, what torture.” I said sarcastically. “You didn’t think that I wouldn’t find out about this, did you?  I always find out.”

“Tarik.” Tasha’s voice was full of ice. “You know naught what you speak of.”

“I think I do.” I whispered back to her before turning to look at the other person in the room.  As I laid eyes on him I stared at him in shock then embarrassment and then happiness. “You.” I said.

“Are you feeling okay?” Malachi asked as he looked anywhere but at me.

“Feeling fine enough, thank you.” I said.

Malachi nodded. “You should drink this.  It will help with the pain.” He said as he held out a shake.

“Many thanks.” I took it from him and started to try to drink from it.  My hand was shaking so much that I couldn’t even hold it steady.  Tasha reached out to help me but Malachi grabbed it first and said, “I can help you.”

“Thank you.” I said.

“Drink up.” Tasha said. “We have a lot ahead of us brother.”


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