Masters of the Mystic Arts (In Progress)

NOT HARRY POTTER RELATED STILL IN PROGRESS If you like it please post on my wall or OWL me! This is a story in which three best friends explore their magical capabilities. The bad kid, Andrew, is taken back through his memories to find out who he is, while Tasha realizes that Tarik isn't straight, and Jenna figures out who her long lost son is.

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Chapter 5 - Overprotective Mother

Chapter 5

I opened the door and saw my mom and Tasha on my mom’s bed.  My mom was staring into space as if the weight of everything was just too much for her.  She slowly looked at me and said, “You shouldn’t have left.”

“I didn’t have a choice, mother.” I said.

“You always have a choice.” My mom said.

I looked down, “I helped save people from the school, mother.  I am not regretting it.” I looked back up. “I will help as many people as I want and you won’t stop me.  Okay?”

I headed back towards the door to leave the room and heard my mom say, “I wasn’t trying to stop you.  I was trying to make you see how much we care about you.  We can’t lose you.”

I stood at the door, staring down at the handle and thought about leaving.  I started to turn the handle whenever Tasha said, “We care about you and I am not allowing you to get yourself killed.  You have been here for me my entire life and I am not letting you leave this easily, brother.”

I turned around quickly with a slightly annoyed expression on my face. “You can’t control what I decide to do!  I will do whatever I want whenever I want and you guys can do nothing about it.” I exploded, “So just leave me alone!”

I went to leave the room and heard a gasp as I reached the door again. “Tarik.” My mother whispered, “Your cousin died.  From pneumonia.  Carina is dead.” My mom said as she called her sister Jessica.

I looked at Tasha.  I searched her face as if hoping that it wasn’t true, but the moment I looked at her I knew Carina was really truly dead.  She just looked down and told me I could leave now.

“Why?  When did this happen?” I asked, “And all of my family dying?”

“The curse.  We are cursed to forever die young.  I was told that you would die before you turned fifteen.” My mother said.

I stood in shock before I opened the door and left the room.  I went into the living room and walked up the stairs towards my room.  I went into my room and saw no one there.  I closed the door and sat down on my bed.

“Where are you?” I asked myself.

Something moved in the corner of the room.  I looked but there was nothing there and yet, the air was rippling.  I looked closer and before I could run from the room a person appeared.  As this person appeared I lurched for the closed door but as he reached out I instantly backed up against the wall and crossed my arms in front of me.  I raised my hands to protect my face whenever the person fully appeared.  It was Andrew and my first thought was to run but I didn’t.  I could see that he was covered in blood and I couldn’t bring myself to leave.  Even after all he had done, I was somehow….attached to him?  I stared at him all covered in blood and just covered my face with my hands and watched through my fingers as he fell to the floor and lay there.  He was so still that whenever I reached him I thought he was dead.  I stared down at him just waiting for him to wake up, but he didn’t.  I knelt down and noticed he was still breathing but by that time it was too late to leave.  I kept watching him and I jerked back when his eyes opened and he made eye contact with me.

“I told you so.  I told you.  You should have left while you had the chance.” Andrew spoke.  “I can’t let you go.”

I backed up until I hit the door.  Andrew dragged himself across the room towards me.  “You still have time.  We can still make things right.”  I slammed into the door and I heard my Thirteen year old sister Victoria yell from her room next to mine.  They joined together through a door in the wall, “Tarik!  What is going on in there?”

“Don’t open the door Victoria.” I called as I turned the handle.  I opened the door and tried to leave the room at the same time as Victoria opened her door and came into my room.  She saw me trying to get out of the door and watched as I fell with Andrew's hands around my ankle.  She came towards me.  As she reached me I reached up towards her with my palm facing up as a shield formed around Andrew and I.

“I don’t get it, Tarik.  What is the method of your madness?” Victoria asked me as she managed to barely avoid the shield.

“No idea.” I muttered.

“Then how about you figure it out!” Victoria yelled at me.

“What do you think I am doing?  My brain hurts!” I shrieked back at her.

She stared at me like I was insane after I said that.  I looked back at her and realized that I had somehow forgotten that Andrew was still holding onto me.

“Don’t let me fall,” he said.

I tried to not say anything but failed, “You aren’t even on the ground, boy.”

“DON'T CALL ME BOY!” Andrew exclaimed.

I turned to face him, enraged, I grabbed his hand off of my ankle and grabbed his other hand and looked at him as I said “You should have thought of that before you decided to hurt me.  I will not let you touch my family.  BOY!”

“Seems like I managed to do something right.” he said.

“Are you insane???” I yelled at him.

“No.” He looked down at his hands.

I paused before looking down, “No.  I remember how that went and this doesn’t count.  Dangerous situations don’t count.  They don’t count.  They can’t.” I said.

“Yes it does.  There was no danger.  A simple vision spell will work well for my purposes.” he explained.

As he said that, I realized that I had been tricked.  As he finished talking I released the shield.  My concentration lifted from the shield spell and I started to feel extra energized.  I was so energized that I began to see lights in front of my eyes.  White dots.  As I fell forward, too tired and exhausted to do any more magic; my vision spell slipped away.  I lay still on the floor and I couldn’t move.  I still saw too many white lights.  I lay there looking up at Andrew and Victoria.

“Don’t touch me.” I whispered.  “Don’t touch me.”

Andrew grabbed my hands and pulled me off the floor roughly before letting go of my hands and letting me fall back to the ground.

I slowly exhaled as I felt something rattle in my chest.  I could hardly breathe right and had to breathe super slowly.  I tried to move towards Victoria but soon gave up.  I couldn’t move so what was the point anyway?

“Just don’t move.  Take this.  Just sleep.” Victoria said worriedly as she put some sort of liquid in my mouth.  The last thing I saw before I blacked out was Victoria’s concerned face and Andrew’s evil smile.  I could barely even think about what Andrew may end up doing to me especially since I am now going unconscious.  I looked towards him as I closed my eyes and fell unconscious.

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