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NOT HARRY POTTER RELATED STILL IN PROGRESS If you like it please post on my wall or OWL me! This is a story in which three best friends explore their magical capabilities. The bad kid, Andrew, is taken back through his memories to find out who he is, while Tasha realizes that Tarik isn't straight, and Jenna figures out who her long lost son is.

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Chapter 4 - Confession

Chapter 4


There is something you should know about me.  I can hide my true appearance with a vision spell.  I can make it look like I am just fine or like I am someone else.  At the moment I look like me but that is not my true look.


“Oh Marcia.  Why does this just happen to me?  WHY ME?” I shouted as I stared at her trying to get a response.

“Oh Tarik.  You just don’t get it do you?  You just don’t get it at all.” Marcia said.

“We knew something was wrong and you weren’t telling us.  So tell us now, Tarik.  Or I will see if your mom knows.  We are here to help you.  Not to make you embarrassed or uncomfortable or feel bad about yourself.  We are here to help.” Jenna said.

I stared at them before saying, “He….I can’t.”

“I can help you then.” Joan said as she moved next to me.

“Then how about we help you.  Answer questions with just a yes or a no and elaborate if you wish.  Is that okay?” Finn asked me.

“Fine.” I muttered.

“Did he hurt you?” Finn asked?

“Yes.” I replied.

“Did he make you hurt others?” He asked.

I hesitated, “Yes.”

Finn flinched, “Was one of them himself?”

“No.” I answered.

“Did he do anything to you other than hurt you?” Marcia asked.

“Yes.” I whispered as I looked at the floor.

“Did he make you do what he did to you to him?” She asked.

I flinched, “Yes. He is my age and you wouldn’t believe the thoughts that go through his head.”

“Are they really bad?” Jenna asked me.

I turned to face her, “You wouldn’t believe.”

“I would.” Jenna said.

“Wh-What?” I stuttered.

“I once had a friend like Andrew.  He practiced his new spells on me.  Overtime I healed but the scars will never fade.  Now he did other things too but yeah.” Jenna said.  “Now let's carry on.”

“Have you ever experienced anything like this with anyone else?” Joan asked me.

“No.” I replied as I looked back down at the floor.

Betereli asked the smartest question, the one that should really have been asked first in my opinion, “Are you okay emotionally?”

“Of course not.  Why would I be okay?” I asked. “I mean just look at me and tell me that I am okay, Betereli.”

“I can’t because I can tell that you aren’t.  I just needed to know what you would say.” He told me.

I looked down at the floor again.  I released my vision spell but they didn’t know that.  They did know that something was different though.  Whenever I heard them all gasp I knew it had worked.  The spell was released.

“Tarik!” Betereli exclaimed.  “What did he do to you?  TELL US NOW!”

I looked up and Betereli screamed.  Jenna looked shocked and then the emotion of pity filled her eyes.  I saw Marcia stand, just shocked as she stared at my face, trying and failing to look calm.  Joan took one look at me and stood there with a look of horror on her face as she stared at me.  Finn took one look at me and came over and gave me a hug.

I had shown them how I currently was.  The right half of my face was normal.  The left was not and to think, that was just my face.  The left half of my face had no skin.  It was just my skull.  My gleaming, perfectly shaped, white skull.

“This calls for some sort of remedy Tarik.” Jenna said.  She grabbed my left hand and her face fell into a frown as she kept hold of my hand.  She gently moved her finger across my hand and fingers and was sure there was no skin.  Just bone.  “Oh, Tarik.  How am I going to fix this?”

“Don’t fix it.  When I have to see Andrew again I want to be able to scare the living daylights out of him.  I am the only thing that scares him.  Nothing else can.” I explained.

“I really don’t care, Tarik.  I don’t care at all what scares him or doesn’t scare him.  I am healing you with consent or no consent.  You are like the son I never had and I care for you with all my heart.  I will heal you and you are never going to see that boy again.” Jenna said.

I breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you, Jenna.” I said as I gave her a hug.

She stiffened, “Exactly how much of you is just bone, Tarik?”

“My entire left side.” I gave her a sad smile.

“How?” she asked.

“He did as your friend did to you.  He practiced his magic on me.” I said.

“Oh that boy.” Jenna said. “Don’t you just have to wonder?”

“Wonder what?” Joan asked.

“How exactly he managed to learn such awful chaos magic.” Jenna said.

“Ohh.  I see.” Joan responded, embarrassed at her lack of knowledge.

“How?  How are you still alive?” Marcia was stunned.

“A healing spell,” I said as chunks of skin began to appear until I had a lot more skin than I did just a moment before.  Those vision spells are amazing. “And a life spell too.”

“A LIFE SPELL?!?!?!” Jenna couldn’t say any more.

“Of course it is a life spell.  It isn’t abnormal.” I explained.

“You would not be able to do that at all normally until you are an experienced magician.” Finn stated.

“Who taught you that spell?  No one this young can perform a life spell, two vision spells, and a healing spell at the same time.  It is pretty much impossible for people your age to just do a life spell.” Jenna said.

“Mirabel.” I whispered to her as Marcia heard and shrieked “MIRABEL!?”

“That is what I said.” I said.

“But what is she doing with magic?  She can’t even type right.  What is she doing with MAGIC?” Marcia demanded.

I ignored her. “How is Monte?  Is he okay?”

Jenna brightened, “He is well enough to have walked back home to your parents.”

“I’m going to go.  I will come back.  Just get your stuff ready and I will be back in half an hour.” I said.

“Make sure you are.  Stay safe.” Jenna said as she hugged me.

I left the room and walked out of the house putting my vision spell back in place so my family wouldn’t know.

I reached the front door of my house and had barely opened it before Tasha threw open the door and ran at me and gave me a huge hug. “I thought you were gone.” She whispered.

“Well, I already saw my sisters die today so I wouldn’t die once I got them back.” I told her.

“Hmm.  That isn’t going to happen again.” Tasha told me.

“How do you know?  You can’t always predict everything.” I said to her.

“Mom has been worried sick.” Tasha ignored me, “You should go make sure that she is okay.” She said as she led me towards my mom.

“Where is Monte?” I asked her calmly.

“In your room.” She said, “You are coming to talk to mom first though.”

“Fine.” I said as I let her pull me towards my mom’s room.

Tasha went towards my mom's room until we reached it. “When we go in I will help her in this against you.” I looked at her, surprised at the bluntness. “Just know that I am with you, I just need mom to figure some things out.  I will have a special signal for whenever we need to tell her about everything, but if she doesn’t mention anything then you won’t have to tell her.”

“Okay.” I said.

“Wait here please.” Tasha said.

“I will.” I replied.

Tasha opened the door and quickly slipped into the room.  She closed the door behind her and I gave them two minutes before I knocked on the door.  Tasha called out, “Come in!”



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