Wizarding World: The news #7

written by Luna Stars

Hello This is Luna Stars and I'm back with another issue of Wizarding World: The news! In todays issue you will find an advert for student council the newsroom and a guide to parseltounge!

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Chapter 3

Hello! This is the newsroom where all news of Wizarding World the news is to be shared. I want to give a special mention to Andromeda Black and Mya Malfoy -Lestrange. These two should be famous in the Wizarding World as amazing newspaper writers. They are both spectacular at there jobs

Now back to the news

1) The interviewer job is currently free if your interested.

2) The chance to get your designs on all of my newspapers and a  special mention is still going. All you need to do is post your ideas onto my group called Wizarding World: The news for this chance to get you name all over the library!

3) You can always post your ideas onto the group Wizarding World: The news. Your stories could fly around the wizarding community!

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