Wizarding World: The news #7

written by Luna Stars

Hello This is Luna Stars and I'm back with another issue of Wizarding World: The news! In todays issue you will find an advert for student council the newsroom and a guide to parseltounge!

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Chapter 3. I have named the book Hermione's secret

Chapter 2

Harry sat up his neck aching and brain buzzing. He stared blearily around then his glasses was pushed upon his nose. " Ah, Thats why I coudn't see" he thought.

"How are you feeling Potter? Ginny and Hermione says sorry." Said a voice at the back of the room "They are at class currently."

Madam Pomfrey Harry realized I must be in the hospital Wing!

All of the recent memories flooded his mind. Hermione. She made a prediction. Trelawney is her aunt! Then then... Ron! Ron got blasted from the door! Harry began to laugh.

" Are you delirous Potter? Tell me where are you right now?" Asked Madam Pomfrey concernedly with great urgency.

" I'm in the hospital wing. And I'm fine now madam Pomfrey i'm sure I can leave." Harry said

Madam Pomfrey stared at Harry as he was crazy

"Leave? No absoulotly not Mr Potter! Those girls certainly know how to spellcast!"

Harry sighed and lay back down onto his bed. Now he can't ask Hermione for an explaination.

"Harry! Harry! I'm so sorry! It was an accident honestly! Are you alright?" Exclaimed Hermione bursting through the door fear shown in her face.

" Are you alright Harry?" Wheezed Ginny running through the hospital wing. She sounded as she has ran a marothan " We thought you were an intruder!"

Harry Laughed then readied hiself for speech but Hermione got there first.

"Madam Pomfrey Is he delirous?" Hermione asked anxiously

Madam Pomfrey shook her head and began to clean up the medicine cuboard.

"Where's Ron?" Harry asked "Is he alright?"

Hermione and Ginny glanced at each other.

"Uh...He's missing Harry" Said Ginny

"WHAT!" Harry yelled standing up shocked "He's missing!"

Hermione threw Ginny a reproachful look.

"Ginerva Weasley Hermione Granger!" Thundered Madam Pomfrey "Your lucky I overlooked you running inhere but I WILL NOT HAVE YOU UPSETTING MY PATIENTS" Madam Pomfrey bellowed the last bit making everyone jump.

Then Professor Dumbledore came calmly through the door.

"I heard a disterbance Poppy." Said Dumbledore pleseatly enough but it was clear he heard Madam Pomfrey yell "Who has been upsetting patients?"

Madam Pomfrey flushed to the deepest scarlett

"Excuse me Albus I was merely giving these two- She broke off glaring at Ginny and Hermione " A well deserved... Telling off.

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