Wizarding World: The news #6

written by Luna Stars

Welcome! I am Luna Stars and I'm back with Wizarding World: The news. I am going to add a new feature onto my magazine called newsroom its where you will find all information, How you could argue Voldemort was stronger then Dumbledore, and much more!

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What Hogwarts house are you in quiz!

Chapter 4

I know you're already Sorted however this is my quiz so you might get different results! Answer truthfully!

1) You find a little abandoned kitty on the road. What do you do?

a) Laugh and leave it shivering

b) Run and grab the cat. Then you go to each house asking who's cat it was. Including the house of the weird couple

c) Keep it. Then it has no chance of being abandoned again

d) Give it in to the authorities

2) You,re given a message to go into the forbidden Forest at midnight. What do you do

a) Tell the teacher someone will be in the Forbidden Forest at Midnight. It would be so funny!

b) Go.

c) Tell the professor.

d) Ignore it

3) What do you see in the mirror of Erised

a) To be rich and famous

b) Too be an amazing Quidditch Player

c) Too be able to save EVERY LAST ANIMAL  in the Animal Kingdom from harm

d) To be the wisest person on earth

Out of all in Harry Potter, Which character do you like the most

a) Malfoy or Voldemort

b) Harry Potter or Professor Dumbledore

c) Hagrid or Dobby

d) Hermione Granger or Professor McGonagall

Do you want to be a prefect?

a) Yes! Give me all the power!

b) Uh No not really. I would'nt mind it but not really

c) I'm not sure i'm suited to power

d) Yes please. I'd like to share my knowledge

if you mostly got 

a your a Slytherin

b your a Gryffindor

c Your a Hufflepuff

d your a Ravenclaw (Like me)






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