Wizarding World: The news #6

written by Luna Stars

Welcome! I am Luna Stars and I'm back with Wizarding World: The news. I am going to add a new feature onto my magazine called newsroom its where you will find all information, How you could argue Voldemort was stronger then Dumbledore, and much more!

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Chapter 2

Everything about writing a magazine is quite new too me. Therefore I don't know everything. I thought I should I make a little feature called newsroom. There you can find all you want to know without confusion. Alright let's begin

1) There is currently a competition for who can create the best logo design for our magazine. To apply you ideas find Wizarding World: The news club and post any ideas. You can also owl if you want.

2) I just wanted to say that please don't copy this magazine without express permission or I'm afraid I am going to the Libriarian too report you

3) If you have any news you have please post it onto my group Wizarding World: The news so I can note them down. You wil of course get complete credit

4) I'm sorry it has nothing to do with news but I have to recommend reading a book by Mya Malfoy-Lestrange called the Halloween ghost when it comes out because she owled it to me and its very good

5) I have upped the magazine days to at least 5 a week if more as now I have more time

Thank you

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