The ghost of Halloween night.

This is a short horror story hope you like it! Owl me for any story ideas or whatever! :)

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

At midnight, the ghosts come alive, the night of horror known as Halloween night. 12 O’clock, Midnight a murderous scream echoes through the city as a slight chill came shivering down my spine. It is time. It has arrived. I rushed through the rooms locking all the doors and windows in sight. It can’t get in, there is no way it will get in. “Jess, get down here now.” I scream to my daughter to make sure she is safe. I hear no reply. “Jessica!” That’s when it hit me. I let her go out tonight. I rushed downstairs and ran outside. There she was, my little girl, dead on the floor with the mark of blood on her chest. The monster did this. The ghost that killed my family as if it was nothing. “My mother, my sister, my husband and now my daughter. You can’t do this. I won’t let you do this.” I felt my rage boiling inside of me. I grabbed a rope from the garage and held the necklace my mother gave me. I moved on to kill the monster who has destroyed all that I hold dear. I saw a trail of blood splattered on the floor and began to follow it. There he was. The ghost floating in air, but he looked solid. Like I could reach him and touch him. With his back still turned, he laughed. My anger rose as I shouted “You don’t deserve to be here. You murdered them. You murdered them.” Just as I began to lunge, he teleported over to me grabbing my knife and rope from my hands. Only a minute later I was tied up with a knife to my throat. “Well now I finish your family after years of waiting.” He smirked raising the knife about to kill before a glow lit up the air. My necklace was lifting off my chest and 4 little balls flew out. I stared in awe as they changed into my family he killed. They stood in front of me protecting me from the danger ahead. “The light, get rid of the light!” screeched the spirit recoiling into the dark shadows of the woods. Then the voice of my daughter shouted, “be gone, leave.”. My dead family turned to face me getting a final glimpse of my face before vanishing into mist. Two years later the spirit returned. I wrote a persuasive letter to parliament. With the army involved the spirit fled into the echoing voices of death. Most people would be scared to death if they saw what I saw but I was not because I know deep down in my heart that my family will always be there for me even if they are not standing where I stand now. I know they will never leave me always and forever. Forever.

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