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Ginny and Harry Potter - How did their relationship grow? (Informative)

Chapter 3

Hello! I am Mya Malfoy-Lestrange! I am a new writer here and today I will be talking about how Ginny Potter nee Weasley and Harry Potter’s relationship began and grew. So first off I am going to start with year 2. Year 2 is where we first get introduced to Ginny Weasley properly and when Harry Potter visits the burrow for the first time. When she meets him she gasps and runs away. Now, this may mean she was shy or overwhelmed as she has probably had a huge crush on him before. Then later on in the film, we have the cupid with the singing love letter which could have been Ginny’s due to her blushing when it was sung. Then even later than this Tom Riddle blurts out all her secrets and says how she liked Harry a lot. In years 3 and 4 not much happened as Ginny kind of blurred back into being a background character but is still awkward around Harry and gives him a singing get well card and unlike the other gifts, he keeps it!!! In the fourth year, Ginny starts to give up on being love-related to him but she does still get jealous and ends up dating Michael Corner. Year 5 is next. So in year 5, we have Cho and Harry and Ginny and Michael but despite the romance, they begin to interact and have private conversations often Ginny was offering help on many different occasions. They deepen their friendship and when Cho and Michael get dumped it leaves a clear gap for them to take passage. In year 6 we finally see Ginny and Harry get back together but they break up in the end since Harry thought it was too dangerous. In the final movie and book, they reunite and kiss. In the very end, we see them with their children all lovey-dovey. 


Source - Harry Potter: Tracing Harry & Ginny's Relationship Timeline, Movie By Movie (screenrant.com)

Mya Malfoy-Lestrange, writer for HDN

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